A once-in-a-decade discovery of seven 0-day vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows software and operating systems.

All seven of these vulnerabilities add to a perfect attack scenario putting billions of businesses at risk.

About the discoveries

The six privilege escalations and one info leak put billions of Windows users at risk. Dubbed collectively as “Blackswan” due to the unexpected find, the quantity, and the detection challenge, these bugs have amazingly existed in Windows since the 2007 release of Windows Vista.

Such an extensive discovery is extremely rare, and Field Effect estimates that nearly every Windows computer in the world is vulnerable if unpatched, potentially impacting businesses worldwide.

Microsoft Security Reports:

Matt Holland

The Blackswan 0-days are absolute gold for cyber criminals. If found, these would be very effective from an attacker’s perspective because they are extremely hard to detect, provide access to the deepest layers of the operating system, and can be exploited with 99% reliability.

Matt Holland

Founder, CEO, and CTO, Field Effect


Featured - eBook Cover - The True Cost of Cyber Security

Technical White Paper

A deep dive exploration of the technical details behind the series of discovered vulnerabilities.
Featured - eBook Cover - The True Cost of Cyber Security

Blackswan News Release

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Cyber Security Expertise

Through our extensive experience with offensive tradecraft techniques and incident response, and our team’s intelligence background, Field Effect is continually innovating to expand our Covalence MDR platform to stay ahead of the constantly evolving threat landscape. This commitment to product growth is backed by an ongoing, significant investment in R&D — more than 50% of our revenues are invested into technology. 

Our Blackswan vulnerability discovery is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the amazing caliber of cyber security talent we have at Field Effect and our commitment to ensuring our customers and partners are protected! It also underscores the importance of being diligent with cyber security and investing in an enterprise-grade managed security service to effectively detect and block threats well before they become serious risks to businesses.