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The five cyber range training mistakes to avoid at all costs

Investing in a virtual training solution can elevate your team’s skills and preparedness, but there are several common cyber range training mistakes that can hinder your team’s progress and even increase your security risk.   While it’s important to choose the right cyber security training content and follow best practices, it’s equally important to recognize and […]

Cyber Range® wins 2021 Fortress Cyber Security Award

Ready to defend against cyber threats?  You may have only seconds to find out. Infosec teams can’t afford delays or mistakes when it comes to security incident response. Knowing the fast steps to take against active attacks and data breaches can minimize damage and downtime.  Field Effect believes the ability to act quickly requires the right learning […]

The top 5 cyber range training best practices

Nearly every military branch uses some variation on the phrase “train as you fight,” and for good reason: realistic, hands-on training helps retain skills and can prepare infosec teams for real-world security incidents.  It’s like building muscle memory — you need to put in the work and repeat the drills and exercises until they’re second […]

Cyber range training: Courses, scenarios, and more

Many chief information security officers (CISOs) know that theory-based learning just doesn’t cut it. A slideshow doesn’t provide hands-on experience to defend against threats, but cyber range training courses do.   There’s no denying it, your time is valuable — you need effective cyber security training that offers results. By reinforcing and testing skills individually and […]

The rising cost of cyber security expertise

Closing the cyber skills gap without breaking the bank. Cyber attacks show no signs of slowing down, and yet jobs for cyber security professionals are left unfilled — why? The short answer is that in-house cyber security expertise can be costly — but the long answer takes a bit more unpacking. Making sure your company […]