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3 ways MSPs can differentiate their managed security offerings

The current landscape of managed security offerings gives managed service providers (MSPs) like yours a tremendous opportunity—but the same is true for your competitors. You know you need to start offering security to your customers, but with all the choices and options on the market, how do you find the right one for your business?  […]

What is an advanced persistent threat (APT)?

Advanced persistent threats (APTs) have long been overlooked as serious cyber risks because many believe that only government agencies, massive corporations, or critical infrastructure providers get targeted. The truth is APTs are a threat to even small companies, and it’s important to know what an advanced persistent threat is and how to respond if attacked. […]

Assessing your cyber security stack: A guide for MSPs

The cyber security vendor market space has grown significantly. As an MSP, you’re likely inundated with calls about the latest technologies. There’s a nearly limitless menu of options to secure your clients’ environments—how do you know which tools to choose?   As threat actors continuously orchestrate new ways to attack, companies fell into the habit […]

Field Effect raises USD $30M in Series A funding 

Field Effect is thrilled to announce that we have successfully raised USD $30M in our series A funding round, led by Edison Partners with investment from additional strategic partners. These funds will allow us to accelerate our sales and marketing efforts with a focus on channel and brand elevation. Additionally, the funds will support product […]

MSP security stacks: 5 common problems (and solutions) 

As if the rise in cyber crime wasn’t worrisome enough, managed service providers (MSPs) are straining under the weight of bloated cyber security stacks. Cyber security has evolved at an unbelievable rate over the past several years. Remote work led to threat surfaces exploding in size. Naturally, the volume of cyber security tools followed suit. […]