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Bill C-26: A stronger defence for Canada’s critical infrastructure

In June 2022, the Parliament of Canada introduced Bill C-26: An Act respecting cyber security, amending the Telecommunications Act and making consequential amendments to other Acts.  The Bill has two parts:   Part 1 amends the existing Telecommunications Act  Part 2 creates the Critical Cyber Systems Protection Act  Bill C-26: Part 1  The Telecommunications Act, created in […]

The real cost of a data breach in 2022

The actual cost of a data breach is significantly more than the damages reported in news stories. We’ve all read those headlines detailing a recent data breach and the subsequent million-dollar lawsuits. It’s true that data breaches consist of direct, easily measurable costs such as fines or lawsuits regarding stolen information. However, there are indirect […]

Password spraying attacks: Tips for detection and prevention

Between brute force, credential stuffing, and password spraying attacks, password security is still top of mind for global IT professionals. Cyber criminals have become more skilled at cracking passwords and gaining access to networks. These attacks, especially when they result in high-profile compromises, are reminders to implement strong password policies and best practices. Take the […]

Hybrid work and cyber security: 4 trends among SMBs

How do small business owners feel about hybrid work and cyber security two years after the COVID-19 pandemic upended workplace norms? We set out to answer this question in early 2022, commissioning OnePoll to conduct a survey, The Pros and Cons of a Hybrid Workplace. OnePoll asked 1000 respondents across the US a series of […]

VPNs: Security Best Practices for Businesses

Securing the way remote users can access an organization’s local network has quickly become one of the most important security challenges for administrators. Many security experts affirm the value of deploying Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), which are powerful solutions that reduce your network’s threat surface. Unfortunately, when used incorrectly, VPNs can actually increase your security […]