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Incident Response Plan: What it is & 4 Key Components

An incident response (IR) plan is a formal document that guides an organization’s response to a cyber security incident. IR plans cover both the technical and business aspects of incident response, with recommended steps to help teams prepare for, detect, respond to, and recover from a potential cyber attack. On a larger scale, this document […]

What Businesses Need to Know About Incident Response Plan Examples and Templates

In the event of a cyber attack on your business, do you have a plan in place to minimize impact and restore normal operations as soon as possible? That’s what an incident response (IR) plan is for. These documents are designed to give organizations a framework they can follow to accomplish two major things: in […]

Data breaches & financial services: 10 tips to secure your firm

Most cyber criminals are money-motivated — this puts the financial services industry at heightened risk of a data breach.  According to the Financial Stability Board (FSB), an international body overseeing the global financial system, the industry saw a jaw-dropping 3900% increase in cyber attacks in a single year. The move to remote work increased the […]

Under cyber attack? Here’s what to do

Think you might be the latest victim of a cyber security attack? Whether you’ve noticed your devices are slower than normal, certain programs or files won’t open, or outgoing email messages you never sent, these are all signs that something may be wrong. And these are only a few examples of common indicators of compromise […]

Field Effect wins two gold awards for MDR and IR

Covalence and Incident Response services take top honors in the 2021 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. It’s rarely business as usual at Field Effect. Last year, we nearly tripled the size of our team, introduced more amazing product functionality and services, and fine-tuned our customer success efforts to help businesses and organizations maximize their security outcomes — all while staying […]