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8 signs your business should start thinking about cyber security

18% of senior decision makers at small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) rank cyber security as their lowest priority. Many people continue to believe that cyber security for small business is an unnecessary luxury and something only big corporations should worry about. Many smaller businesses simply don’t hold cyber security in the same regard as physical security or other threats […]

As COVID-19 lockdowns start to lift, should your cyber security change?

Stay secure from any location with Covalence for Remote Work As cities across the globe begin to ease their COVID-19 restrictions, this year’s transition back to the office could take place in stages — or not at all.  Prior to the pandemic, data had already shown a steady increase of remote work employees — growing […]

Working from home is new – and so are the cyber threats

Field Effect offers remote work safety tips for World Password Day We shouldn’t need a special day to follow smart computing habits — yet, today’s World Password Day serves as a good reminder. In fact, as we find ways to effectively work from home, it’s more critical than ever for the distributed workforce to remember […]

IMPORTANT: New iOS Mail app attack could compromise your iOS device without action from you

Here’s how to protect your iOS devices today If you depend on your iPhone or iPad Mail app for receiving and sending email, beware. A new iOS Mail attack, made public yesterday, requires your fast attention — your iOS device could be compromised. Here’s what we know: The iOS Mail attack only impacts the iOS […]

Are Your Mobile Users Protected?

Are Your Mobile Users Protected? With the vast amount of corporate and personal data on smartphones and tablets today, mobile devices have quickly become attractive targets for cybercrime. As attacks increase year over year, how do you protect the security of mobile users on your network? Keeping mobile users safe and networks secure are critical […]