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Bill C-26: A stronger defence for Canada’s critical infrastructure

In June 2022, the Parliament of Canada introduced Bill C-26: An Act respecting cyber security, amending the Telecommunications Act and making consequential amendments to other Acts.  The Bill has two parts:   Part 1 amends the existing Telecommunications Act  Part 2 creates the Critical Cyber Systems Protection Act  Bill C-26: Part 1  The Telecommunications Act, created in […]

How to assess your cyber threat surface

Get a better sense of the cyber threats facing your business and what you can do about them Between constantly evolving attacks and the effort it takes to defend against them, your cyber threat surface is ever-changing. As companies scale their operations, staying ahead of these changes is hard and time-consuming, but still a necessity […]

Mandatory Breach Reporting

Mandatory Breach Reporting – All organizations strive to avoid being affected by a cyber security threat, and even some of the best protected and best resourced organizations are still affected by compromises and data leaks.  It can happen to any organization.  Thinking forward to a potential incident, what information would be written down in your breach report?