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5 steps to stronger cyber security in healthcare

It doesn’t matter if you’re a major healthcare provider, small private practice, lab, or medical equipment manufacturer — cyber security should be at the top of your priority list.   Healthcare organizations are a melting pot of personally identifiable data, medical records, financial information, research, and intellectual property — all of which attackers can sell or […]

Don’t click: Coronavirus phishing scams on the rise

Use Covalence and follow these tips to stay secure   As the coronavirus continues to make its impact across the world, it can be challenging to stay cool-headed. Health and safety have never been more critical. At the same time, cyber criminals are finding new ways to exploit COVID-19 fears and take advantage of anxious […]

Cyber Range: Hands-on exercises vs. theoretical learning

CyberRange – Hands on exercises vs. theoretical learning – Is hands-on learning the key to remembering and mastering cyber skills? Cyber ranges provide multiple options to prepare for threats

What is business email compromise?

Business email compromise (BEC) is a low-cost, effective cyber crime tactic that has increased within the past few years. BEC puts any company that manages financial transfers and payments at risk. Consider this, recent research shows that on average, more than 6,000 organizations were targeted by BEC emails each month from July 2018 to June […]

What is a Cyber Range?

Is your team trained for the next cyber threat? A shortage of skilled cyber security professionals, coupled with cybercrime tactics that are becoming more sophisticated, frequent, and damaging, have put cyber ranges into the spotlight…