Senior Cyber Security Analyst

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Field Effect Software is looking for a Senior Cyber Security Analyst for our Analytics Team. We are looking for a motivated individual who is keen to contribute to a growing organization. As a member of our Analytics Team you will work alongside a highly talented team of Cyber Security Analysts who monitor the networks and cloud environments of clients around the world.

As a senior member of the team not only will you use Covalence, our ground-breaking analytic platform, to monitor a range of different IT environments, but you will contribute to its on-going evolution. You will work with the Analytic team to develop, refine and test new security analytics and features to enable better, faster analysis that solves the most challenging cyber security problems out there.

Ideal candidates will have a minimum of 8 years’ experience, along with a University degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or a related field, or a College certificate in Network Administration or a related field with a strong focus on cyber security.

You will have worked in a fast-paced IT environment like a Security Operations Center, or similar, and have experience independently solving complex technical security challenges. You will be familiar with network analysis tools and techniques and be able to comfortably dive into packet captures, scour logs of varying sorts and work with malware samples in a sandbox to identify their network communications, all as part of analyzing a cyber threat. You follow the latest cyber security news religiously and maybe even know a few people who appear in it. As a subject matter expert, you can communicate on cyber security topics with very technical and non-technical recipients, both verbally and in written reports.

Desired Skills

  • Deep understanding of modern cyber security practices, challenges, tools and techniques.
  • Deep understanding of the modern Internet and its most common protocols.
  • Excellent network analysis, ranging from PCAP processing to application protocol analysis
  • Excellent data/log analysis using tools like Python, ELK, etc.
  • Experience performing malware analysis or vulnerability research

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