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Your Guide to Getting the Basics Right.

Start securing your company today with the expert-backed advice and best practices found in this free eBook.

Set your business up for cyber security success with our free eBook.


The most sophisticated cyber threat monitoring on the planet, made simple.

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Covalence provides transparent, holistic managed detection and response for your whole IT infrastructure in one platform, no matter where you are or where your endpoints are located. No add-ons, no modules, and no gaps in your security.. Learn more about Covalence.

Start securing your company today with the expert-backed advice and best practices found in this free eBook.

Your Guide to Getting the Basics Right.

Digital technology has helped companies of all sizes scale to attract customers or develop new products — but it’s also made them a target for cyber attacks. Unfortunately, small and mid-size businesses often lack the time and expertise needed to secure their operations from these attacks effectively, leaving them exposed to threats or unaware of potentially serious vulnerabilities.

There is good news, though: you don’t need to be a cyber security expert to start securing your organization. This free eBook provides the best practices you need to start securing your company today.

  • The major cyber threats facing your company and how to spot them.

  • Fundamentals and best practices for securing your business.

  • What to look for in cyber security products.
  • What a threat surface is and what steps you can take to protect it.

  • …and more!

In this eBook, you'll learn about:

Download the eBook to start mastering the basics of cyber security today.

Field Effect Software believes all businesses deserve powerful cyber security solutions to protect their operations, no matter their size. Field Effect’s products and services are the result of years of research and development by the brightest talents in the cyber security industry. Our solutions are purpose-built for small and mid-size businesses and deliver sophisticated, easy-to-use and manage technology with actionable insights to keep you safe from cyber threats.

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