Managed Cyber Security

Focus on what you do best: your business. Field Effect’s managed security service is designed with your requirements and environment in mind. Access best-in-class technology and cyber security analysts with a turnkey solution.

OverviewManaged Cyber Security

Focus on your business, what you do best.  Let us worry about the security side of things.

Managed Services from Field Effect mean that you are putting the health and security of your network first. We monitor your system for threats, and importantly – we use Covalence to help identify things you can do to minimize the attackable parts of your network.

As a Managed Services client, you have priority access to additional premium services. These include forensic services following an incident, custom sensor configuration as well as the access to our concierge to ask cyber security questions, related to our service or not.

Security as a Service

Our service provides you with best in class technology for monitoring your network for threats and helping to measure and reduce your network’s threat surface and exposure to attackers.

Beyond security monitoring, we also provide access to other tools and training to strengthen your organization’s cyber security prowess, such as through managed spear phishing exercises.

Flexible Deployments

Our architecture allows for flexible deployments for your service.  Using our cloud infrastructure, we can start without deploying any software or hardware at all.

For more sophisticated analysis, use your own hardware or deploy one of our appliances for a turnkey solution.   We’re available to help you choose the best option for your network and needs.

How it Works

Our Managed Services provide you with easily deployed and maintained Covalence monitoring.  Network, endpoint and other types of sensors can be deployed to your network to identify anomalies. Your system will always be up to date, configured, optimized, and monitored by the experts that built it.

All Field Effect clients have access to our emergency service, which is available 7 days a week.  We are ready to help you with service-related matters, or any other cyber security incident that might be affecting your network.