Cyber Security Analyst 

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Cyber Security Analyst 

Field Effect Security is looking for cyber security analysts for our Analytics team. 

Why Field Effect? 

Field Effect is a rapidly growing company with an increasingly distributed global workforce that provides world-class managed cyber security solutions for businesses of all sizes. The company was founded by the brightest talents in cyber security, with a mission to remove the complexity of securing endpoints and networks by delivering monitoring and threat protection services that are easy to use and provide actionable insights. 

Analytics Team 

Field Effect is looking for analysts to monitor and assess diverse client IT environments to deliver an ongoing managed cyber security service. 

Organizations of all sizes are challenged to fully understand cyber security, not to mention having the expertise on-hand to manage cyber security effectively. Analysts on the team leverage Field Effect’s Covalence platform to find and assess anomalies and turn information from the various sensors into insights that the client can digest and act on. 

The Analytics team faces interesting challenges that require a blend of technical expertise with the ability to distill information and communicate effectively. 

In this role, an analyst can leverage their expertise to directly help a range of clients. Analysts continually grow and learn by being exposed to widely diverse and varied IT infrastructures. 

Threat hunting is challenging and requires broad knowledge. It can be very rewarding to help organizations defend against cyber-attacks and know that you are making a difference. 

Are you the right fit?

There are several attributes of someone who would be successful in a cyber security analyst role at Field Effect. These include: 

  • Strong analytical thinking, and the ability to spot patterns, trends and reason through problems 
  • Understanding of the modern Internet, protocols, cyber threats and malware 
  • Clear and effective communication in writing 
  • Thriving in a collaborative environment, both asking for and providing help 
  • Having a deep curiosity and the ability to follow and investigate leads 
  • Ability to take a wide, high-level perspective to prioritize, then drill down and get deep in the weeds 

At Field Effect, we invest in our people and help them grow professionally. Having existing knowledge and a passion for the following skills would be an asset to the role: 

  • Network analysis and packet capture using tools like Wireshark, Tshark 
  • Application protocol analysis 
  • Data and metadata analysis using tools like Python, ELK 
  • Malware reverse engineering, kill chain analysis, and vulnerability research 
  • Broad general IT knowledge, including Windows enterprise networks, operating systems, virtualized and cloud-based infrastructure 
  • Knowledge of cyber security practices, challenges, tools, and techniques 
  • Administration of security and networking software and hardware, including firewalls, proxies, SIEMs, Snort, Suricata 
  • Ability to efficiently and effectively program in interpreted languages, especially Python 

 Candidates will typically have either a College or University degree in fields such as Computer Science, Software Engineering, Network Administration, or a related field with a strong focus on cyber security. Equivalent experience will also be considered. 

The candidate(s) selected for the next phase of the hiring process will be contacted directly.

Field Effect is committed to accommodating applicants with disabilities throughout the hiring process. Please contact if you require accommodation.

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