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Cybersecurity Assessment

Understand, measure, and elevate your security posture.

Strengthen your defenses, find gaps, and receive actionable advice for improvement with a cybersecurity assessment.

Focus on your business—let our team handle the cybersecurity maturity assessment, and provide you with actionable recommendations. 


Why get a cybersecurity assessment?

Expert advice and guidance on your cybersecurity journey.

Whether you've just started your cybersecurity journey or are well on your way, understanding and managing your gaps is critical to enhancing your security.

A cybersecurity assessment offers expert-led guidance that helps with what’s next, answering key questions such as: 

  • Where am I still vulnerable?
  • Do I have any critical gaps that need to be addressed?
  • What are my strengths?
  • What should I be building on and improving?
  • How do I measure to industry best practices and standards?

Get a closer look into Field Effect’s advanced cybersecurity assessment process, and its benefits at the link below. 

Cybersecurity Assessment

Shrink your threat surface

Take your defense to the next level with a cybersecurity assessment.



Better understand the vulnerabilities and gaps that you can address to effectively reduce the risk of a compromise or security incident.



Have experts assess the tools, policies, and plans you have in place today to better understand your security posture and essential next steps.



Receive a detailed report and security control implementation plan that lists prioritized recommendations to improve your security posture.