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Phishing Training

Harden your defense with custom-built phishing simulations.

Measure your team's resilience to phishing attacks then use the insights to elevate your defense.


Why phishing?

Phishing exploits a vulnerability found in every business—the people.

The most effective way to protect your business against phishing attacks is through assessing your users’ reactions to such attacks in a controlled environment.

Our phishing simulation reflects the latest threat actor techniques, offers visibility into employee awareness and security measures, and delivers insights to address gaps through software, process, and education. 


Harden your defense

Proactively prepare your team for phishing attacks.



Our phishing simulations are purpose-built to meet your organization’s unique training needs.



Campaigns mimic the tactics used by threat actors to ready your team for real-world attacks.



Use the campaign data and results to identify gaps and develop better cybersecurity practices.


Realistic phishing simulations, purpose-built for your business.

Our cybersecurity analysts work with you to design and execute a campaign to match your organization’s needs.

Your Outcomes

Actionable reporting to guide training and strengthen your security.

You’ll receive a comprehensive report with campaign details, technical analysis, results and key findings — including baseline comparisons where applicable. Our experts provide actionable, straightforward steps to harden your organization against future phishing attacks. 

Phishing Simulation FAQs

Find answers to all your phishing simulation questions.

During a phishing simulation, a trusted organization sends realistic, deceptive phishing emails to employees to test their awareness and response to email-based social engineering attacks.

Phishing is a social engineering tactic commonly used by threat actors that can eventually lead to compromised credentials, ransomware, financial redirection, and more.  

Phishing simulations provide a safe, controlled environment to test your employees’ resilience to these cyberattacks, raise awareness of phishing, and identify weaknesses in your defense. 

After the simulation, you will receive a detailed report with key findings from the campaign and our experts’ tailored recommendations for reducing your threat surface.


Basic email phishing targets victims with similar, non-tailored messages prompting users to click on malicious links or divulge sensitive data. 

Spear phishing, however, is a type of email phishing tailored to an organization’s employees for a more targeted (and often effective) approach. 


Find your fit

Compare our feature-rich phishing campaign packages.

Both packages include modern attack techniques to deliver the most realistic experience and effective outcomes.




Ideal for general security assessments and education initiatives.


Phishing campaign simulating common social engineering attacks.


  • Commonly used phishing techniques
  • In-depth results analysis
  • Detailed next steps to improve resilience




Ideal for education initiatives, fraud prevention, and more targeted security assessments.


A phishing campaign more tailored for your organization, simulating a targeted attack using advanced social engineering techniques.


Everything from Standard, plus:
  • Open-source intelligence gathering
  • Customized email messaging
  • Tailored attack infrastructure (Domain Names, etc.)

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