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Understand, manage, and reduce cybersecurity risk.

Field Effect MDR pinpoints cybersecurity vulnerabilities, gaps, and weaknesses impacting your organization, and clear direction on how to address them.

Field Effect MDR - AROs and Dashboard

This focus on predictive and proactive measures helps prevent issues before they arise, setting Field Effect MDR apart.

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Identify, manage, and reduce cybersecurity threats with Field Effect MDR.

Understanding how hackers target your operations is the first step in defending against an attack. Knowing where and how you’re vulnerable lets you close gaps in your defenses and reduce your overall cyber security risk.

Get unmatched visibility

Monitor your company’s endpoints, cloud-based services, and network activity—including workstations and IoT devices. 

Understand your cybersecurity risk

Identify existing and new vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and security gaps from within your environment and understand the risks they present. 

Prioritize vulnerabilities

Pinpoint the most critical threats to your organization from a single view with their associated riskto easily understand what need your attention first 

Streamline remediation

Eliminate vulnerabilities and improve your security posture with step-by-step, jargon-free instructions delivered by Field Effect's team of cybersecurity experts. 


Detect risks as they emerge, without the restrictions of scheduled scans.

Gain real-time visibility of your risk to reduce your window of exposure and maximize your cybersecurity resiliency.

Expose shadow IT and get visibility on all traffic connecting to and from your network—including roaming devices, unapproved applications, IoT devices, and more. 

Detect outdated software that may be vulnerable to known exploits and implement new versions. 


Pinpoint outdated, misconfigured, or otherwise vulnerable web browsers like Chrome and Mozilla that may be heightening your risk of an attack. 

Identify exposed remote desktop protocol that may allow unauthorized users remote access to your company’s network and take steps to harden your defense against threats.  

Locate unsupported operating systems—those that no longer receive security updates from the manufacturer—so you can reduce the risk they pose. 

Field Effect MDR flags legacy or vulnerable protocols that may not have the security features in place to protect your business, with steps for remediation. 

Detect and harden weak, outdated, or vulnerable encryption that could lead to loss of critical business data, intellectual property, and other sensitive information.  


Explore the difference holistic cybersecurity makes.

Whether you have a specific cybersecurity need or want more information about solutions and services, we’re here for you.

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