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The power of 15+ tools. The simplicity of one.

From prevention to threat detection and response, Field Effect MDR has you covered from end to end.

Field Effect MDR - Laptop Screen with Multiple Field Effect MDR Features

“Given that the product is a complete solution, it reduces the need for additional vendors to create the perfect product to ensure my clients' security.”

gay hamilton
director of business development


Simplify your stack

With network, endpoint, and cloud monitoring, threat and vulnerability detection, active response, and so much more, Field Effect MDR replaces 15+ tools to become the cornerstone of your cybersecurity. 

Field Effect MDR helps you understand and manage your risk by identifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities, gaps, and weaknesses in your security posture, and providing step-by-step instructions on how to improve.  

Field Effect MDR provides unmatched visibility into your endpoints with a kernel-level agent. The solution can automatically block attempts to execute ransomware and malware on your device, and suspicious activities such as privilege escalation and tampering.  

With the ability to view all protected endpoints and their risk from a single dashboard, you can clearly and quickly identify critical endpoints with vulnerabilities.

Field Effect MDR is a managed service, meaning our security operations center works for you. Combining advanced analytics with human expertise, MDR users benefit from a team of cybersecurity veterans who detect, analyze, and respond to cyber threats on their behalf. 

Field Effect MDR provides a detailed analysis of your environment to understand the timeline of the attack, how the threat originated and the overall impact, and establish the necessary steps for remediation. 

Field Effect MDR's cloud monitoring instantly secures widely used cloud services such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, AWS, Azure, Dropbox, Salesforce, and more from compromises and vulnerabilities. You gain deep visibility of all cloud service activity and the functionality to lock business email accounts automatically when signs of credential compromise are detected.  

Field Effect MDR includes a network appliance that monitors incoming and outgoing traffic to your network, generating alerts or responding outright if it detects unusual activity patterns or other malicious and suspicious traffic activity. 

Field Effect MDR prevents data loss by monitoring for larger-than-normal data transfers, document visibility changes, anomalous file downloads, and other suspicious activitiesimmediately notifying you or blocking the transfer outright when something abnormal occurs.

Field Effect MDR comes with a DNS firewall that filters and blocks malicious domain names and IP addresses, preventing access to known malicious sites to protect against phishing attacks, malware downloads, and other security issues.

Field Effect MDR defends against increasingly sophisticated phishing emails with its built-in Suspicious Email Analysis Service (SEAS). Using the integrated plug-in, users can forward suspicious emails 24x7 for expert analysis and receive next steps based on our team’s findings.

By understanding what’s normal and what’s not, Field Effect MDR detects suspicious access attempts and other techniques used often by cybercriminals for persistence and intrusion. This helps you stop attacks in their tracks. 

As a holistic, natively built cybersecurity solution, Field Effect MDR unifies, correlates, and streamlines data automatically. This eliminates the need for a SIEM which may be complex to manage and can create additional security issues. 

Field Effect automatically stores 90 days of log data and offers longer, flexible log storage options to make compliance and achieving cyber insurance simple

SOARs unite various security tools, automating responses and streamlining workflows. However, they require excessive amounts of tuning and oversight to run effectively. Field Effect MDR's integrated automation and workflows, including automated remediation, are already in place, eliminating the need for additional SOAR requirements.

Threat intelligence tools help you find and respond to potential threats by aggregating data feeds from multiple sources and analyzing them. Field Effect MDR is continuously updated using the latest cyber threats, tactics, and techniques to keep you safer, requiring no external threat intelligence analysis.

Receive comprehensive and prioritized threat reports via our proprietary Actions, Recommendations, and Observations (ARO’s) as well as weekly and monthly that summarize issues found and the actions that were taken to resolve them. 

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How Field Effect MDR helps

Natively built to secure your entire threat surface, Field Effect MDR delivers the multiple layers of defense you need through a single pane of glass. The result is faster, more precise protection that prevents, detects, and responds to threats. 

Higher alert fidelity

Field Effect MDR correlates data across the entire IT environment, removing noise, false positives, and duplicate alerts. Our alerts are context-rich and prioritized by severity. You are notified when it’s time to act and with precise guidance on how. 

Streamlined operations

Reduce or eliminate the need to deploy, configure, and manage multiple systems. Field Effect MDR displays all important threat data through a single dashboard. Stop spending time working between applications to analyze and correlate threat data.

Greater value

Each additional cybersecurity tool may mean more upfront and long-term costs. Field Effect MDR is an all-in-one solution that delivers greater value compared with layering multiple tools with multiple payments. 

Improved visibility

Field Effect MDR eliminates siloes, providing complete visibility into vulnerabilities and risks across your entire threat environment without having to manage multiple tools to fill gaps.  

“What sold me is that it is a complete solution that is priced competitively. And I'm not saying that I bought it on price alone, but it ticked all the boxes that I was looking for: endpoint, network, cloud.”

Mike Kielty
VP of Information Technology


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Filed Effect MDR takes the cost, stress, and complexity out of protection with one product. You don’t need multiple security tools and problems with gaps in coverage, multiple alerts, and competing dashboards. 

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