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Multiple security tools can mean gaps in coverage, multiple alerts, and competing dashboards.

Field Effect Covalence - Dashboard

All-in-one Cybersecurity

Protect your full threat surface

Covalence is natively built to protect the entire threat surface from constantly evolving threats. This approach eliminates gaps in protection between endpoints, networks, and cloud services, delivering reliable cybersecurity and peace of mind.

  • Detect threats faster and see the full threat timeline with visibility across your endpoints, network, and cloud services.
  • Isolate and stop identified threats for 24/7 protection with Covalence Active Response.
  • Field Effect experts deliver proactive protection and monitoring to compliment threat detection and find vulnerabilities across your entire threat surface.
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For every


Security Events


Covalence filters out


of alerts


Leaving Only



Alert Fidelity

Covalence stops alert fatigue

Filter out 99.9 percent of alert noise so you only see the information that matters. Powered by our proprietary analytics engine, Covalence offers high-precision and real-time threat detection.

  • By integrating analytics from endpoints, networks, and cloud services, Covalence delivers heightened visibility and understanding of threats and their severity.
  • Covalence automatically detects and addresses known threats, enabling Field Effect analysts to focus on investigating and stopping sophisticated threats, emerging risks, and other anomalies earlier.
  • Further tailor Covalence alerts for even greater fidelity based on your preferences and what’s normal for your environment.
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Covalence Analytics Engine
Field Effect Covalence - Dashboard - AROs

Eliminate security complexity

See threats faster

Covalence delivers prioritized threat information with actionable information—the proprietary ARO system of Actions, Recommendations, and Observations—to view and understand active threats and risks in one place.

  • AROs are more than a tally of alerts. They come fully prioritized along with jargon-free steps for remediation.
  • Set your threshold for Covalence to make fixes automatically for certain classes of AROs.
  • With easy-to-follow steps provided, AROs expand the capacity of IT teams to manage cybersecurity with confidence.
  • See all information relevant to threats at-a-glance, as well as all action taken on your behalf.
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Why choose covalence?

Covalence vs. the competition

Discover how Covalence outpaces other security offerings on the market with these product comparisons.


Manage risk 24/7.

Go beyond threat hunting to spot, stop, and reduce emerging risks while hardening your security posture. Covalence actively works to identify and understand the threats facing your environment to help continuously reduce the cyber risks you face. 

  • Covalence analyzes your entire environment to identify vulnerabilities that expose your system and people to risk.
  • 24/7 monitoring and threat hunting detects anomalous or suspicious behavior that may represent an early indicator of compromise or attack and shows you how to stop it.
  • Automatically neutralize cyber threats and access a proactive and flexible response plan so you can resolve threats faster.
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Field Effect Covalence - Reports and Analysis

Monitoring Capabilities

Covalence monitoring: Technical details.

Covalence provides advanced sensors, monitoring, and integrations at a fraction of the footprint and cost of unnecessarily complex cyber security tools. 

  • Supports Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS/iPadOS, and Android.  
  • Identifies lateral movement within a network.  
  • Continuously identifies and analyzes software vulnerable to remote code execution.  
  • Monitors Windows Event Log Telemetry for login events and malware installation.  
  • Network-wide detection and analysis of PowerShell script execution and other scripting engines.  
  • Built-in active response capabilities.  
  • Easily integrates with third-party endpoint agents for consolidated threat alerting. 
  • Threat intelligence-backed Indicators of Compromise (IoC) blocklists.  
  • Inspects content for threats.  
  • Detects anomaly and node behaviour deviation.  
  • Machine learning analytics identify new and unknown anomalies.  
  • Monitors Internet of Things (IoT) devices.  
  • Captures and rewinds network traffic during suspicious or confirmed incidents.  
  • Discovers and inspects protocol.  
  • Identifies weak, misconfigured, or outdated protocols and communications.  
  • Supports regulatory and industry standards compliance (e.g., NIST CSF, Canadian Centre for Cyber Security Baseline Controls, ISO 27001, and more).  
  • Full capture (bit-level) analysis.  
  • Supports network summarization technologies (e.g., IPFix, NetFlow, sFlow, pFlow).  
  • Outshines security information and event management (SIEM) solutions in both functionality and cost. 
  • Covers a growing list of cloud-based platforms, including Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Dropbox,, and more.  
  • Monitors for and identifies active threats to cloud systems.  
  • Prevents business email compromise (BEC).  
  • Implements user and entity behaviour analytics (UEBA).  
  • Automatically locks compromised accounts.  
  • Alerts of important security-related configuration changes. 
  • Integrates with RESTful API for alerts and threat management.  
  • Integrates with existing tools and business workflows.  
  • Integrates and add-ons available for third-party products. 

Covalence demo

Manage risk with Covalence.

See how Covalence:

  • Simplifies cybersecurity protections.
  • Cuts alerts noise to focus on threats that matter.
  • Delivers experts to help manage risk proactively.

“I suggest getting a demo. It is quite impressive... Covalence covers everything.”


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