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Incident Response Preparedness service

Reduce the risks, costs, and impact of a cyberattack.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Prepare now and be confident you have the right people and procedures in place to investigate, contain, and remediate future cyber incidents.


Preparedness is key

In the digital landscape, failing to plan isn’t an option.

Cyberattacks have never been more sophisticated, complex, or widespread—it’s no longer a question if a business will be attacked, but when. After all, rapid technological advancements such as remote work, cloud services, and IoT devices have created more attack opportunities than ever.

When a cybersecurity incident does happen, a coordinated response is key to limiting the damage. Taking the right steps today proactively empowers and prepares your business to respond to tomorrow’s threats.

Preparing for a cybersecurity incident

Dealing with cyber incidents effectively starts with having the right people and procedures in place.


Identify and Organize

Identify your high-value assets, key people and their roles, and gaps in protection.


Develop a Plan

Establish detailed documentation you can rely on for step-by-step guidance during and after a cyberattack.


Recover Quickly

Use your incident response package to minimize risks, costs, and recovery time.

How Incident Response Planning Works

Our Incident Response Preparedness service includes three steps.

We work with you to identify and assess your existing security posture and incident response planning. This understanding allows us to deliver more effective guidance.

Our experts compile their findings and recommendations into a report along with functional playbooks and other key components of an incident response plan. This comprehensive package is designed to improve the resiliency of your network and business operations.

After you’ve received the package, we schedule an interactive session to discuss and review the findings, playbooks, and more. This is a great opportunity for you to ask questions and for us to clarify any information we provided.


Need help now?

Experienced a cybersecurity incident?

After an attack, you need immediate support to reduce damage, emergency costs, and recovery time. We’re here to help.

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