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Stop malware & ransom­ware in its tracks.

Field Effect MDR detects and blocks malware in its earliest stages—keeping you protected from even the most advanced threats.

Field Effect MDR Dashboard & AROs

The immediate notification of malware has been invaluable, with Field Effect MDR successfully intercepting such attempts on several occasions.” 

Simon Cutler


Build a better defense by minimizing security gaps and maximizing threat response.

Field Effect MDR defends your assets from malware, including advanced persistent threats (APT) and ransomware, no matter how the attacks evolve. 

Reduce vulnerabilities

Identify and address existing vulnerabilities, minimizing possible entry points for attackers. 

Block malware execution

Stop threat actors fast with real-time, active blocking for malware and ransomware attacks. 

Detect malicious files

Detect malicious files hiding on your endpoint and in your cloud services, identifying dormant threats and eliminating the threat of repeat attacks  

Keep your network clean

Remove active or previous cyberattack elements, reducing the chance of future incidents. 


Field Effect MDR delivers top-tier malware protection.

With its robust detection capabilities, Field Effect MDR intercepts ransomware and malware at its earliest stages.

Field Effect MDR detects and blocks elevation techniques used by known malware to gain the high-level privileges needed to access restricted functions and directories.  

Field Effect MDR detects and responds to a range of persistence techniques such as boot record modification, newly scheduled tasks, access to Windows registry, new process activity, script execution, file access, and more.  

Field Effect MDR will help identify malicious email attachments with our on-demand Suspicious Email Analysis Service (SEAS). 

Field Effect MDR will block malware from modifying systems or disabling our endpoint agent, preventing threat actors from avoiding detection. 


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