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Defend against threats to your cloud services with a holistic cybersecurity solution.   

Field Effect MDR - Dashboard

Detect and respond

Cloud security that delivers peace of mind.

A combination of powerful technology and expert-led monitoring that defends against common cloud-based attacks to better protect your data, productivity, and reputation. 

  • Monitor the cloud-based services you rely on. In only a couple of clicks, you have 24/7 expert-led protection of your business-critical cloud applications such as Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, AWS, ZenDesk, and more.  
  • Restrict access to compromised cloud accounts. Field Effect MDR stops in-progress attacks in their tracks by identifying and restricting access to compromised cloud attacks fast.  
  • Eliminate suspicious inbox rules. Detect and eliminate malicious behavior—including the creation of suspicious inbox rules—to prevent business email compromise and similar attacks on cloud accounts.  
  • Receive on-demand email analysis. The Suspicious Email Analysis Service (SEAS) protects against phishing attacks by letting users flag suspicious emails for analysis by Field Effect’s cyber security experts. 
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Enriched cloud visibility

Find and block abnormal behavior on your cloud-based services.

Track what’s normal—and stop what’s not—to prevent threat actors from accessing your sensitive data. 

  • Potential credential compromise: Failed logins, concurrent users, or access from unexpected locations, devices, and dormant accounts.  
  • Data exfiltration: Abnormal patterns of data sharing, downloading, and deletion. 
  • Suspicious inbox rule creation: Creation of rules that may hide phishing campaigns. 
  • Changes to access controls: Identify modified access to data and storage. 
  • Malware: Detect latent malware hiding within document storage or in phishing emails. 
  • And much more. 
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Field Effect Analytics Engine
Field Effect MDR - Dashboard - AROs

Intelligent threat alerting

See only the threats that matter.

Experience a better, clearer approach to addressing threats with contextualized, prioritized alerts known as Actions, Recommendations, or Observations (AROs).  

  • Jargon-free AROs come with step-by-step instructions that make remediation easy. 
  • Know exactly where to focus your efforts first with prioritized alerts. 
  • Access expert support anytime, anywhere with the click of a button. 
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Complete Protection

The only truly holistic MDR

Field Effect MDR takes your cloud security to the next level, natively combining it with network and endpoint protections for a superior, multilayered defense that prevents, detects, and responds to threats. 

Elevate your defense with: 

  • Holistic, gap-free coverage
  • Fast, accurate threat detection
  • High fidelity alerts 
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Field Effect MDR - Reports and Analysis

For every


Security Events


Field Effect MDR filters out


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Leaving Only



Field Effect MDR demo

Manage risk with Field Effect MDR.

See how our MDR solution:

  • Simplifies cybersecurity protections.
  • Cuts alerts noise to focus on threats that matter.
  • Delivers experts to help manage risk proactively.

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