Incident Response Suspect a cyber attack? Our incident response services are here to help you keep control.

Our forensics team will quickly conduct a thorough investigation, root cause analysis, and remediation so you can keep your business up and running and protect from future breaches.

Identify, isolate, and resolve — with experts at your side.

No one wants to experience a cyber attack. The unfortunate reality is a breach can happen to any organization — big or small — and both the attacks and outcomes vary from incident to incident. It may involve stolen intellectual property, financial-related crime, a denial of service, unauthorized systems access, and so much more.

In the event of a cyber incident, we’ve got your back. Our team is here to respond quickly and precisely, ensuring that your business keeps running and that the risk of any future damage has been neutralized.

We’re here for you When a cyber incident occurs,
we’ve got your back.

Our team is here to identify what happened and why, provide you with a step-by-step recovery path, and reduce the risk of any future cyber attacks.

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From network infections, cloud breaches, malware, ransomware and beyond, find out what happened and whether the threat is ongoing.

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Find the source of the breach, which systems were affected, how the attack happened and the impact.

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Recover from the attack fast. Get your business back up and running, and reduce your risk for the future.

“Field Effect has one of the most robust incident response retainer (IRR) training programs. … Its retainers are some of the most clearly defined and are right-sized based on a customer’s involvement. … Organizations seeking an MDR solution with a strong IRR retainer service should consider this offering.”

Tari Schreider, “Incident Response Retainer Services”, Aite-Novarica Group

Inside Incident ResponseProfessional forensics and remediation in record time.

Powered by years of hands-on experience and best-in-class tools, our analyst team dives in immediately to identify, isolate, and resolve security incidents.

We regularly work with cyber insurance providers and breach counsel around the world. Contact us to find out how we help solve complex cyber attacks.

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Professional Security Analyst Team

Our team has defended some of the largest, most complex networks in the world. We’re here to provide guidance, strategy, investigation and remediation quickly so you can take action, keep your business running and protect against future breaches and attacks.

Lightning Fast Response

Speed is imperative when a breach is suspected. No matter the size of your network and the number of endpoints in your infrastructure, our global, 24/7 forensics team will rapidly investigate and eradicate threats to mitigate damage to your systems.

Expert Remediation

Our experts are right by your side every step of the way. We provide detailed recommendations and the steps to follow to remediate the incident so you can get back to work, along with strategies to prevent it from happening again.

Added Protection After the Attack

Using our powerful cyber threat monitoring platform, Covalence, Field Effect analysts work with speed and precision to protect your endpoints, network, and cloud assets from future threats.

Types of Incidents We Investigate No matter the type of attack, we know what to do.

Intellectual property (IP) theft

Compromised trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks, or patents.

Stolen personally identifiable information

Exposed confidential data (full names, home addresses, or contact details) of employees or clients.

Compromised medical records

Theft of protected health information or electronic medical records.

Disruptive attacks

Damage to your critical infrastructure, systems, or services, impacting operations.

Insider threats

Incidents originating from inside the company, possibly including employees, contractors, or partners.

Financial cyber crime

Stolen banking credentials, redirected payments, or ransomware attacks.

Unauthorized access

Illegitimate attempts to access accounts, devices, cloud services, or similar.

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Customer TestimonialsTrusted by businesses around the world.

“Field Effect’s depth of cyber security knowledge and background in incident handling are impressive. We know we’re in great hands.”

Scott McMullen
Manager of Network Security, Canadian Internet Registration Authority

“Covalence gives us the confidence that our lawyers, staff, clients, data, and assets are always protected.”

André Martin
Co-Managing Partner, Mann Lawyers LLP

“Covalence’s price, functionality, and literally everything else, are exactly what we needed. It seems too good to be true.”

Jacob Scagliotti
Manager of IT Operations, Royal Circuits Solutions, Inc.

Prepare for the Future Be prepared in case of an incident. Or make sure it never happens again.

Incident response is just one piece of the puzzle. Planning ahead with our team is your best path forward, but if you’ve already suffered an attack we’re here to help you implement a long-term cyber security solution.

Incident Response Preparedness Attacks happen. Prepare for the worst and minimize the impact.

Preparing an incident response plan is a critical way to strengthen your organization’s incident response capacity. With a plan in place, you can minimize the impact and associated costs of any future incidents.

Protect from Future ThreatsMonitor, detect and respond to threats before they become a problem.

The right recovery steps after a cyber attack are critical. Equally important is the action you take once you’re back up and running. Covalence provides proactive security after an incident to ensure you stay ahead of threats and keep your business safe.

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Meet Covalence: Your Incident Recovery Solution

Understand your network, reduce vulnerabilities, and stop cyber threats.

See across your entire IT infrastructure in real time with powerful monitoring and analytics to measure, manage, and reduce attackable points.

Keep your Business Secure

Ensure your network stays secure long after an attack is over. Covalence offers threat monitoring, detection, and response around the clock to keep your systems safe.

Stay Ahead of the Next Threat

Cyber threats are constantly changing and becoming more advanced. Get full, end-to-end protection with a managed security solution backed by a team of experts.

Provide Peace of Mind

Protect your employees, clients, and partners from the critical impacts of a cyber attack. Covalence helps you keep your people, data, and systems safe 24/7.

Resources Articles and tools to help you
protect your business.

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Blog Under cyber attack? Here’s what to do.

Taking the right steps during and immediately after an incident can significantly lower both recovery time and impact. Find out what to do and not do after an attack.

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Brochure Incident Response Services.

Download our Incident Response (IR) brochure to learn how our team can help you in the event of a breach.

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Brochure Cyber Incident Response Planning (CIRP) Services.

Learn how our discreet security services team can help you develop a plan to reduce your time to recovery should an incident occur.