Phishing Training Harden your defence with custom-built phishing simulations.

Test your team’s resilience to targeted phishing attacks in a safe simulation that mimics modern threat actor techniques and gain results-driven insights to elevate your cyber security.

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Phishing Awareness Phishing exploits the least secure part of a business — the people.

Most cyber attacks on businesses begin with phishing. The risk is worsening as cyber criminals use publicly available data to craft increasingly targeted emails for an advanced technique — spear phishing.

The most effective way to protect your business against phishing attacks is by training in a controlled environment.

Our phishing simulation reflects the latest threat actor techniques, offers visibility into employee awareness and security measures, and delivers insights to address gaps through software, process, and education.

Harden your defence Proactively prepare your team for phishing attacks.

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Our phishing simulations are purpose-built to meet your organization’s unique training needs.

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Campaigns mimic the tactics used by threat actors to ready your team for real-world attacks.

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Use the campaign data and results to identify gaps and develop better cyber security practices.

How It Works Realistic spear phishing simulations, purpose-built for your business.

Every campaign is designed and executed to match your organization’s needs, with the latest phishing tactics built into every simulation. You can choose from one of three campaign packages to find your perfect fit.

With real-time monitoring and analysis of user activity, our experts can adjust your exercise on the fly and as needed to achieve the most effective outcome.

Your Outcomes Actionable reporting to guide employee training and strengthen your security.

You’ll receive a comprehensive report with campaign details, technical analysis, results and key findings — including baseline comparisons where applicable. Our experts provide actionable, straightforward steps to harden your organization against future phishing attacks.

Your Options Choose the right phishing campaign for your business.

Every campaign includes modern attack techniques to deliver the most realistic experience and effective outcomes.


Ideal for security assessments and education initiatives.

Lightly tailored spear phishing campaign simulating common social engineering attacks.


Ideal for security assessments, education initiatives, and fraud prevention.

Tailored spear phishing campaign simulating multiphase attacks and advanced social engineering techniques.


Ideal for CEO impersonation prevention, post-incident hardening, and insider threat investigation.

Highly tailored campaign simulating multiphase, interactive, and multidimensional attacks used by advanced threat actors.

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protect your business.

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Let’s get started Discover how Field Effect’s phishing simulations can test and improve your employees’ resilience.