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September 6, 2023 |

Algonquin College and Field Effect partner to transform cybersecurity education

Algonquin College and Field Effect, a global cybersecurity solutions and services provider, are excited to announce they’ve formed a strategic partnership to transform cybersecurity education.  

Core to the partnership is Field Effect's Cyber Range, the company's purpose-built cybersecurity educational platform. From training and simulation to testing, the platform's interactive controls replicate real-life networks in a controlled virtual environment, while its course and simulations library empowers users to evolve from junior practitioners to expert security operators.

“Our strategic plan speaks to making sure our educators have the necessary tools, systems, facilities, and support to create and deliver high-quality experiences,” said Algonquin College President & CEO, Claude Brulé. “This collaboration is a testament to our dedication to fostering innovation, driving growth, and positioning our college at the forefront of industry-aligned, cutting-edge education."

Algonquin College is taking advantage of Field Effect’s academic offer. The on-premises license for Cyber Range represents an in-kind contribution of $2M from Field Effect over three years.

"We are thrilled about the positive impacts this partnership will have on the cybersecurity education landscape," said Matt Holland, CEO and co-founder of Field Effect. "Together, we will prepare cybersecurity students with the hands-on training they need to enter the workforce with confidence, while also arming today's security professionals with the tools and skills they need to excel.”

This collaboration bolsters the college’s cyber program and establishes Cyber Range as the nucleus of a cybersecurity network, driving growth, innovation, and sustainability.

“The partnership with Field Effect opens doors to different opportunities for Algonquin College,” said Mark Savenkoff, Vice-President, Advancement & Strategy. “This strategic alliance offers an approach that aligns education with industry demands and empowers us to not only enhance our educational offerings but also drive financial responsibility through strategic alliances.”

Algonquin College will additionally leverage Field Effect's technology to create, own, and monetize tailor-made course content, fostering customization and enhanced industry engagement.

Field Effect's commitment to the partnership with Algonquin College stems from its recognition of the shared challenge of the cybersecurity skills gap. With its rapid growth and expertise in the cybersecurity sector, Field Effect aims to bridge the talent shortage by collaborating with educational institutions like Algonquin College to cultivate the next generation of cyber professionals.

Read the entire statement here.