We are proven leaders in the development of network application solutions, low level systems development, and cyber security analytics.

Technology Fast 500 2021 North America Deloitte
Award - Global Infosec Awards Winner 2021
Award - 2021 Fortress Cyber Security
Award - Cyber Security Excellence Winner 2021

OverviewWhat We Do

Our mission is to strengthen the IT security operations of businesses of all sizes, worldwide. We believe it should be easier for CTOs, CIOs, IT managers, and IT staff alike to develop their cyber security expertise and implement sophisticated operational capabilities.


With decades of in-the-trenches experience, we are leaders in the development of network application solutions, low level systems development, and cyber security analytics. We build and provide tools, technology and services that allow organizations of all sizes to measurably improve their cyber security knowledge, experience and operations, saving them time, money and lots of unnecessary frustration.

Experience and Trust

At Field Effect, customer security and privacy are paramount.  It is through our focus on client requirements, privacy, and security that we earn your trust.

Our products are based on deep experience about what works in operational environments and our solutions are trusted by some of the most secure organizations around the globe, from small and mid-sized firms with sensitive data, to enterprise businesses and government systems.


We’re passionate about what we do and have been doing it a long time.  We understand our success is defined by that of our clients, and care a lot about ensuring you have what you need, and will work around the clock until you do.

Customer TestimonialsTrusted by businesses around the world.

“Using Covalence, we can effectively close security gaps and ensure compliance with healthcare privacy and data protection regulations.”

Geoff Schaadt
VP of Technology, TryCycle Data Systems

“Choosing Covalence was one of the best decisions for our organization.”

Pete Chamberlin
Director of IT, The Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group (OSEG)

“Thanks to Covalence, we now operate a network that I can confidently say is secure.”

Lynn LaHam
CPA, CGA, Director of Finance, Crossroads Children’s Mental Health Centre

VisionWhere We’re Going

We enable our customers to improve their cyber security operations with better technology, operational processes, and human capability.  This end-to-end approach allows our customers to create stronger networks, more responsive processes, and highly confident teams that are resilient in the face of modern IT and cyber security threats.

ValuesWhat We Believe

Cyber Security tools need to be both effective and usable. Tools and Services that offer complicated or difficult user experiences won’t result in improved network and system security. By respecting the needs and realities of our clients, our ecosystem will raise the ‘cyber security floor’ of the organizations we support.


In our products, deployments and operations, simplicity is king. We believe workflows should be easy to understand and that tools should be intuitive. In fact, just minutes after setup, you’ll look like a pro.


Growing shouldn’t be painful. As you require more data, more speed, more analytics and more integrations, we’re ready to support you.


We don’t pretend to understand the internal business requirements and setup of all our clients. Everything we build, we build to be modular, easily integrated and flexible. There are no silver bullets or all-in-one solutions in IT, especially in the world of security. You need to be able to adapt. Now you can.


Security is at the core of our business, and nobody does it better. “Raising the collective security floor” has long been a mantra at Field Effect Software and it guides every decision we make.

Team Who We Are

Our team includes some of the brightest talents in the industry who bring with them decades of experience in some of the most secure, complex and fast-paced security environments in the world.

Matt Holland

Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer

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Andrew Loschmann

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer

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Andrew D Milne

Chief Revenue Officer

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Brad Peterson

Chief Security Officer

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Noel Murphy

Director of Simulation Technologies

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Patrick Smith

Director of Security Services

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Sean Alexander

Senior Security Analyst

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Julian Attlee

UK Sales Director

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Colin Belcourt

Deputy Director of Security Services

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Earl Fischl

Head of Data Analytics

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Jane Harwood

Director of Marketing

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Andrea Holland

Client and Partner Success Lead

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Andrew Hunter

Senior Cyber Security Advisor

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Julie Kim

Office Manager

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Elena Lapina

Threat and Risk Intelligence Lead

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Toby Nangle

Channel Partnerships Lead

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Ryan McBride

Direct Sales Lead

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Stefanie McNeil

Director of People and Talent

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Libby Robinson

Director of Product Marketing

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Jason Serafini

Sales Engineer

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Andrew Stevenson

Senior Software Architect

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Michael Woods

Head of User Experience

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“Our best metric of success is to hear our customers say they’re more cyber-security capable and confident with their networks. To do this, we build unique solutions that prioritize function and simplicity above all else, with a company culture that emphasizes developing trust and confidence with our customers.”

Andrew Loschmann, COO