Meet Covalence The most sophisticated cyber threat monitoring on the planet, made simple.

Covalence is the definitive cyber security solution — a simple, easy-to-deploy, and cost-effective platform that monitors and protects your cloud services, network, and devices so you can focus on your business.

Technology Fast 500 2021 North America Deloitte
Award - Global Infosec Awards Winner 2021
Award - 2021 Fortress Cyber Security
Award - Cyber Security Excellence Winner 2021

Total Coverage The single source of protection for your entire IT ecosystem.

Covalence provides transparent, holistic managed detection and response for your whole IT infrastructure in one platform, no matter where you are or where your endpoints are located. No add-ons, no modules, and no gaps in your security.

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With support for all major platforms, including server, desktop, and mobile operating systems, Covalence provides continuous analysis and real-time protection to defend your business from endpoint infiltration.

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Covalence delivers best-in-class network threat detection using human-backed threat intelligence, machine learning, and analytics to keep you up and running.

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Covalence protects your business from cloud-based threats with coverage for Microsoft 365, G Suite, Azure, AWS, Dropbox,, and more.

… in a single security platform.

Managed protection has never been this complete, or this easy.

Easy Setup

Deploy, manage, and access Covalence’s features easily with minimal setup time, regardless of your IT or cyber security expertise. We provide you with a plug and play experience, and you’ll gain visibility into your security posture in minutes.

Comprehensive Monitoring & Protection

Secure your network, devices, and cloud-based applications with one platform. Covalence is always on, 24/7, identifying threats and potential vulnerabilities to traffic through advanced monitoring and detailed analysis. Our built-in DNS firewall ensures safe web browsing and Internet access by blocking connections to malicious websites.

Local, Remote and Multi-Location Defense

Defend your business no matter where your endpoints are located. Covalence provides best-in-class protection for distributed locations through our on-site and virtual appliance technology.

Dedicated security advice & Support

The Field Effect Cyber Concierge team is at your service and continuously working on your behalf to help protect your business. Our dedicated, experienced cyber security analysts deliver personalized support, technical advice, and security strategy recommendations.

Clear, Relevant Threat and Risk Alerts

Receive immediate alerts for threats, vulnerabilities, and other security-related risks, triaged by Covalence, to understand and improve your security. Covalence’s threat data is delivered as simple, prioritized, actionable reporting that helps you understand your threats as Actions, Recommendations and Observations (AROs). Our proprietary approach removes noise to show you the alerts that matter with the context needed to resolve them.

Monitoring Capabilities Ready for some tech talk?
Take a look under the hood.

Covalence provides advanced threat sensors, monitoring, and integrations at a fraction of the footprint and cost of unnecessarily complex cyber security tools.

Endpoint threat sensor and monitoring.

  • Support for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS/iPadOS and Android.
  • Identification of lateral movement within a network.
  • Continuous analysis to identify software vulnerable to remote code execution.
  • Windows Event Log Telemetry to identify login events and installation of malicious software.
  • Network-wide detection and analysis of PowerShell script execution and other scripting engines.
  • Active Response capabilities built-in.
  • Optional integration with third-party endpoint agents for consolidated alerting.

Full capture network sensor and monitoring.

  • Threat intelligence-backed Indicators of Compromise (IOC) blacklists.
  • Advanced content inspection and threat detection.
  • Advanced anomaly and node behavior deviation detection.
  • Machine learning analytics identifies new and unknown anomalies.
  • IoT device monitoring.
  • Captures and rewinds network traffic in the event of a suspicious or confirmed incident.
  • Protocol discovery and inspection.
  • Identifies weak, misconfigured or out of date protocols and communications.
  • Support for regulatory and industry standards compliance (e.g., NIST CSF, Canadian Centre for Cyber Security Baseline Controls, ISO 27001, and more).
  • Full capture (bit-level) analysis.
  • Support for network summarization technologies (e.g., IPFix, NetFlow, sFlow, pFlow).
  • Better than SIEM functionality and pricing.

Cloud Threat Detection.

  • Coverage for a growing list of cloud platforms, including Microsoft 365, Google G Suite, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Dropbox,, and more.
  • Monitoring and identification of active threats to cloud systems.
  • Business Email Compromise (BEC) prevention.
  • Implementation of User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA).
  • Automatic locking and protection of accounts.
  • Alerting on important security-related configuration changes.

APIs and SDKs.

  • Simple RESTful API integration for alerts and threat management.
  • Integrate within existing tools and business workflows.
  • Integrations and add-ons for third-party products.

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Customer TestimonialsTrusted by businesses around the world.

“Field Effect’s depth of cyber security knowledge and background in incident handling are impressive. We know we’re in great hands.”

Scott McMullen
Manager of Network Security, Canadian Internet Registration Authority

“I have not only gained an amazing monitoring, detection, and response solution, but a team of cyber experts by my side.”

Keith Chabot
IT Director, Marcil Lavallée

“With Covalence, we have a great cyber security solution that is cost-effective and really easy to use.”

Florian Maerzendorfer
Co-Founder and CEO, FiP.S

Incident Response Services Actively prepare for, respond to, and recover from cyber threats and incidents.

Taking the right recovery steps after a cyber attack is critical. Equally important are the actions you take once you get up and running to protect yourself from future attacks.

Incident Response When a cyber incident occurs, we’ve got your back.

Covalence provides a detailed understanding of what happened, how it happened, whether the incident remains ongoing, and provides a path to recovery. Our comprehensive approach includes the identification of important vulnerabilities that could present a threat to the organization in the future.

Incident Response Readiness Maximize the speed and minimize the damage overcoming security events.

The Field Effect incident response readiness team helps ensure your organization is in an ideal position in the event of an incident. We’ll help you develop points of contact and roles, and ensure measures are in place to provide the best data to respond and recover from an incident to get your business up and running again as quickly as possible.

If you require immediate help with an incident, please email [email protected]

Packages Find the package that’s right for your business.

We believe every business, of any size, should have access to world-class security. Covalence comes in right-priced packages based on your size and your needs. Talk to us and we’ll set you up with the protection that’s right for you.

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