Noble – a flexible and effective software testing and simulation framework.

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Necessity is the mother of invention.” – Proverb

Noble’s origins are from an operational IT Security environment with strong influences from the Agile and Test-Driven Development movements. Noble empowers our clients to realize their DevOps goals with leading edge software development automation and testing capacity.

Powerful Modeling Tools

Design and build virtual and physical environments to enable users to interact with and test complex IT Systems consistently and reliably. Noble’s Scenario building tools are flexible and intuitive and allow users to quickly configure mixed hardware and software tests while offering expert users a natural progression to more advanced simulations.

Powerful Modeling Tools
Robust Cross-Platform Support

Robust Cross-Platform Support

Noble supports a wide variety of hardware and software platforms in order to maximize testing functionality. An extensible meta-framework for defining testing scenarios of varying complexity enables users to integrate third party tools with minimal effort.  Noble strives to fit within your testing environment, not force change where it isn’t needed.

Rich Diagnostic and Reporting Tools

Robust automated testing is half the battle – our users need flexible diagnostic and reporting tools to communicate results to their stakeholders.  Noble offers a diverse set of tools for gaining insight, producing and collecting test telemetry, and reporting that information to the end-user.

Rich Diagnostic and Reporting Tools

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Noble not only leverages your existing testing infrastructure but goes beyond by supercharging your test and development teams. Noble enables software developers, QA specialists and infrastructure managers to scale their system testing consistently and reliably while building up team velocity and confidence.

Better. Stronger. Faster.

Practice makes perfect. Noble complements your Agile or DevOps process with powerful automation capability so you can go beyond unit and integration tests with more complex scenario based testing.