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Case Study | Shaw Computer Systems, Inc.

Shaw Computer Systems delivers proactive cybersecurity at scale with Field Effect MDR

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IT solutions provider

Business Need

Proactive, efficient cybersecurity protection for new and existing clients.


Field Effect MDR

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The Results

  • Significant increase in cybersecurity revenue 

  • 24/7/365 response improvements 

  • Expanded security posture 

It was important to us to find a partner that can be proactive about evolving as the threat landscape changes.

The Overview

Faced with new challenges around evolving cyber threats and customer needs, Peterborough and the Kawarthas-based Shaw Computer Systems began a search for a cybersecurity solution that would help them deliver the proactive service they built their reputation on. After a rigorous testing process, the company deployed Field Effect MDR to secure client systems.

The response has been wildly successful—Field Effect MDR revenues for 2023 doubled those from 2022, Shaw Computer Systems’ first year using the solution.

What’s more, the introduction of Field Effect MDR to their solution suite has helped Shaw Computer Systems attract new, larger business opportunities, opening a new market for growth.

The Partner

At Shaw Computer Systems, the customer always comes first. This mindset has informed every aspect of the business and began over 40 years ago when the company first opened its doors.

The company prides itself on delivering high-quality, custom services, which has helped establish Shaw Computer Systems’ reputation as a trusted partner, IT solutions provider, and leader in security and business continuity.

For Shaw Computer Systems, the job is clear: deliver everything the client needs, before they need it, to keep IT from becoming a hindrance in their day.

The Challenge

With remote and hybrid work models changing the landscape of cybercrime and threat actors shifting their focus towards SMBs, Shaw Computer Systems saw the potential impacts these new threats could have on their clients.

The company set about proactively educating and informing their clients about the dangers of cybercrime to help harden defenses. But to better mitigate risk and avoid downtime, they knew they would need to introduce a new grade of tooling that would help clients stay ahead of the latest tactics. 

However, they found the market consistently underserved their needs and those of their SMB customers. Their search came to an end when they discovered Field Effect MDR.

The Solution

The simplicity and breadth of Field Effect MDR's service immediately stood out to Shaw Computer Systems. Its coverage of the entire threat surface—endpoints, networks, and cloud services—was impressive, and they found the solution offered better security than any other they compared it to.

In addition, Field Effect’s commitment to staying ahead of the latest threats and vulnerabilities gave Shaw Computer Systems the confidence that they could protect their clients long-term.

Prior to adopting Field Effect MDR, Shaw Computer Systems put the solution through rigorous internal assessment. Getting up and running with the MDR solution was fast and simple, with ample support from both the technical and onboarding teams at Field Effect.

The platform was also easy to monitor thanks to Field Effect MDR's proprietary ARO system which offered clear visibility into threats so Shaw Computer Systems could act quickly before any impact could be felt by their customers. 

The Results

  • Significant increase in cybersecurity revenue 

  • 24/7/365 response improvements 

  • Expanded security posture 

As a managed service provider, it gives us confidence that our customers are protected from all sides. If something occurs at 2 a.m., we know we have a full team of experts on-call that will work to solve it while we sleep.

Carlye Mongraw
Vice President – Shaw Computer Systems, Inc.

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