Simulation & Training Environments

Field Effect is experienced enough to know that every organization is different – different workflows, different personnel and different threats.

OverviewSimulation and Training Environments

No matter how sophisticated or how simple your security requirements may be, you can quickly and reliably design, build and tear down even the most complex environments inside our powerful simulation platform.

Design Visually

Building simulation and test environment is time consuming. Making changes to those environments can mean repeating the same amount of work. Use Cyber Range to visually design a scenario, configure and add annotations, and allow the system to take the hard work out of the rest of the process. Make changes, update or rebuild your environment as often as you like at the click of a button.

Responsive Environments

Don’t just provide infrastructure, build a system that changes and evolves. Create simulations and environments for training, development and testing. Automate processes and steps within the environment, or have the environment respond to events within them.

Flexible Deployment

Use your own existing hardware for hosting training or simulations on premise. Let Field Effect guide you on what hardware is right for your needs. Don’t want a full on-premise solution? Contact Field Effect for the possibility of short and long term hosted options.