Virtual CISO Service Field Effect vCISO:
C-level security expertise on‑demand.

Put decades of cyber security experience to work for your business and build a strong, resilient security foundation with always-on CISO support.

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Virtual CISO When You Need ItQuickly scale your security as your business grows and the threat landscape evolves.

Our vCISO service provides top CISOs and cyber analysts, with expertise across a range of public and private industries, available on-request or long-term to support your needs.

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Get Expertise on Demand

Access intelligence-grade cyber security expertise when you need it. Consult with independent, unbiased, proven cyber security experts, on-demand, for strategic counsel, setting objectives, or developing a robust security program for your business.

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Build a Better Team

Cut administrative overhead while you build a stronger cyber security culture. Minimize onboarding, training, turnover, and administrative time for your cyber security team. Leverage the experts to develop training, best practices, and policies to strengthen your team’s security practices.

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Meet Security Standards

Align with security guidelines, increase visibility, and reduce your risk. Map your strategy to frameworks like NIST. Ensure compliance with PCI, HIPAA, GDPR and FINRA. Improve insights into areas of vulnerability across your endpoints, network and cloud.

Featured Post What is a virtual CISO (vCISO)?

A virtual CISO is an on-demand infosec consultant that fills the role of an in-house cyber security executive. It can be challenging to decide if your business would benefit from a virtual CISO, so read about five reasons a virtual CISO might be the best choice.

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Benefits Strengthen your security, reduce risk, maximize your resources.

Security Expertise

Gain access to independent, unbiased, proven cyber security expertise, methodologies, and resources.

Strategic Counsel

Access strategic counsel for setting objectives and developing strong security programs that address your specific business needs.

Reduced Onboarding and Administration

Minimize onboarding, training, turnover, and administrative overhead.

Lower Security Risk

Reduce security risk through strong security programs that address the specific needs of your business and align with business outcomes.

On-Demand Strategy and Services

Experience the flexibility and convenience of immediate, on- demand, or long-term security strategy services and support.

Support For IT Staff

Support and strengthen overburdened IT staff.

Improved Visibility

Gain a better view of threat activity and areas of vulnerability across your entire IT infrastructure — endpoints, cloud services, and network.

Stronger Security Culture

Strengthen your cyber security culture with tailored employee training, best practices, and policies.

Align with Security Frameworks

Map your strategy and measures to cyber security frameworks, such as:

  • NIST Cyber Security Framework 800-53
  • Canadian Centre for Cyber Security Baseline Controls
  • UK Cyber Assessment Framework

Manage Compliance and Audits

Improve audit management and ensure compliance with industry regulations, such as:

  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)

vCISO Services Leverage immediate, on-demand, or long-term security services tailored to your business.

Policy Development

Cyber security and privacy policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines tailored to your specific needs and business goals.


Management or direction of information security teams.


Enterprise security management, including system configuration guidelines and network design, threat intelligence, detection, and response capabilities.

Objective Setting

Strategic security objective setting that supports business-critical technology needs and improves management of IT administration.


Engagement and alignment with executive management, boards, investors, and government agencies.


Online security training for employees and incident response preparation.

Strategy & Planning

Security strategy and planning, informed by discovery and assessment of your current environment and organization, designed to secure assets and data, reduce risk, ensure compliance, and align with business objectives.


Risk assessment and compliance management.

Crisis Management

Post security breach and crisis management.

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