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June 15, 2021 |

Cyber Range® wins 2021 Fortress Cyber Security Award

Ready to defend against cyber threats?  You may have only seconds to find out. Infosec teams can’t afford delays or mistakes when it comes to security incident response. Knowing the fast steps to take against active attacks and data breaches can minimize damage and downtime. 

Field Effect believes the ability to act quickly requires the right learning environment. This was the vision behind our Cyber Range® training and simulation platform — to provide businesses and organizations the tools, content, and courses for effective and realistic virtual cyber security training. 

And the industry is paying attention — this week, we’re proud to share Cyber Range won a 2021 Fortress Cyber Security Award.   

The awards program, managed by The Business Intelligence Group, identifies and recognizes the world’s leading companies and products that are working to keep data and digital assets safe against growing cyber threats. Our training platform, Cyber Range, was evaluated through a proprietary judging process and scored by well-known and experienced leaders from around the globe. 

Want to know more about Cyber Range? Read on!  

Cyber Range by Field Effect 

Field Effect’s Cyber Range provides a smart way to simulate and run threat scenarios, or learn and assess cyber skills, through hands-on cyber security training.  

Whether you’re preparing infosec departments to fight evolving threats or training students for cyber security careers, Cyber Range enables teams and individuals to safely experience all types of scenarios in real-world conditions. 

Created with simplicity and innovation in mind, it’s easily scalable, feature-rich, and designed for multiple use cases. The platform is VMware-based, offering maximum flexibility in deployment options and customization.  

It’s also fast and easy to set up. Cyber Range is web browser-based and provides a dedicated classroom where everything is setup and pre-installed. In a few clicks, you can start your learning — instead of the extensive steps commonly required with other platforms.  

You can recreate your exact production environment in minutes — another cyber range feature that is tough to find. Stand up safe, air-gapped training, quickly and easily, that actually replicates your IT network, systems, applications, and user activity. 

Use our courses and exercises, developed based on work roles outlined from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), to understand and learn the skills and knowledge needed by today’s cyber security professionals. 

Beyond rehearsing team-wide incident response, you can access and deliver a range of customizable content, in various lengths, to refresh security skills, understand new exploits and threats, and more. 

We’ve also considered the most complex and sensitive training needs — ensuring our user interface and workspace offer advanced features and simulation technology to satisfy the most demanding cyber security professionals and power users. 

Here are a few more differentiators for Cyber Range: 

  • Simplicity: Manage one platform rather than many for simulations, testing, and training. Save and reuse our pre-configured virtual machines and ensure easy set-up and repeatability of simulations and courses. Monitor team members with fewer clicks, view the progress of courses or classes at a glance, and offer assistance with a single click. 
  • Fast, scalable and realistic: Gain real-world experience in less time. Whether you need individual self-paced, instructor-led, or team-based training, replicate the situations you need in minutes, on your own hardware or in the cloud. Be ready to train or compete in under 15 minutes.
  • Train remote workforces: Use just a secure web browser and an Internet connection to stage and customize remote security training from home offices.
  • Pre-configured virtual machines: Reduce time to deploy your content using Cyber Range’s pre-configured virtual machines. Use simple drag and drop operations and start training in no time.
  • User simulation: Use our HALO feature (Human-like Actor Orchestration) to generate network traffic and other scenarios that simulate a “victim user” in your training to increase realism and challenge teams.

Want to experience Cyber Range first-hand? 

With Field Effect’s Cyber Range, you can deliver immersive, realistic cyber security training customized for your learning goals — ready to go in a few clicks. 

Experience the difference. Contact us at for a demo or to learn more.