Cyber Range Intelligence-grade cyber security training deployed in minutes.

Designed to help businesses of any size or complexity, Cyber Range delivers rich, timely, elite security training and assessment in a quick, easy-to-deploy, and cost-effective package so you and your team outpace threat actors.

Cyber Security Training, RedefinedStay miles ahead of the bad guys no matter the size of your business.

Crafted by the intelligence professionals behind Canada’s national cyber security strategy, Cyber Range provides rich environment simulations, easy-to-use training and assessment tools. You’ll get the latest analyst-driven training content in a platform you can deploy in minutes.

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Dynamic Learning

Quickly deploy advanced simulated environments that respond to student actions. Enhance retention, improve readiness, and reduce operational errors.

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Flexible Curriculum

Take advantage of modules by our elite analysts or design your own. Keep your team prepared for new and emerging threats before they hit your systems.

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Advanced Assessment

Run tests to evaluate job candidates, pinpoint the stars on your security team, and catch weaknesses before they become a real-world liability.

Keep your security team on the bleeding edge.

Cyber Range allows you to create realistic environment replicas in minutes, on your own hardware or in the cloud. With quick, flexible deployment and our analyst-built content library, your team can be ready to train or compete in under 15 minutes.

What’s more, with our sophisticated environment builder, curriculum designer and assessment tools, Cyber Range allows you to craft simulations and test grounds of any complexity so you can ensure your information security team stays ahead of the latest threats.

No labs? No problem.

Unlike other training platforms, which are costly and can take weeks to get off the ground, Cyber Range can be deployed in minutes on your own hardware, offline, or in the cloud.

No matter how complex your environment, your information security team can start training or compete almost immediately, on-site or remotely.

Limitless curriculum possibilities.

Take advantage of our massive content library, designed by our elite, front-line analysts, or design your own curriculum with Cyber Range’s intuitive drag-and-drop interactions.

We can even work with you to tailor new modules for your particular training needs and environment.

Train, rehearse, assess, compete and improve.

Cyber Range provides you with all of the tools you need to deliver sophisticated training, run simulated missions, assess your team, or run “Red Team vs. Blue Team” events, all while enhancing readiness for real-world incidents.

Designed for any training scenarioTrain, experiment, or assess your team your way.

IT Upgrade and Defence Rehearsals

Quickly and easily create replica environments and simulate infrastructure upgrades. With Cyber Range, you can reset to your starting state with a single mouse click to practice activities as often as you like.

Classroom Labs and Instructor-Led Training

Go beyond the theoretical and quickly create environments to provide practical training to improve knowledge and comprehension. Provide identical, and completely isolated environments for each student, or allow students to set their own self-pacing rules.

Remote Learning

Run eLearning courses that empower your instructors to monitor student progress and observe actions in real-time. You can even modify environments on the fly to keep things interesting, or allow your instructors to jump right to a student’s virtual machine and teach by example.

Laboratory Experimentation

Create isolated environments to experiment with malware, conduct risk and security assessments, check product and supply chain vulnerabilities, or verify new software and other tech. Once you’re done, your experiments can be quickly and easily replicated as a course, exercise, or a way to share your findings with other information security professionals.

Practitioner Assessments

Evaluate job candidates or your existing team by testing real-world knowledge in a safe replica environment. With unique environments for each participant, Cyber Range allows you to test groups while ensuring participants can’t share answers. The platform also allows you to limit and track both time-to-complete and the number of hints, as well as generate a report on each individual’s performance.

What’s Inside Serious cyber training tech
built for flexibility and efficiency.

Cyber Range was designed by some of the top analysts on the globe to allow businesses of any size to leverage intelligence-grade cyber-security training quickly and effectively, no matter how complex the environment.

Modular deployment on premise or in the cloud.

  • Built for organizations of any size, with one or multiple locations.
  • Grows with your needs, from five to 200 concurrent users.
  • Deploy in the cloud or in a classified or air-gapped network, no internet required.
  • Access courses, exercises and actions, online or offline, as self-contained packages.
  • Browser-based training, no special hardware or software required.
  • SDK published in Python using the REST API for plugin development, automation and integration with other systems.

Identical and isolated environments.

  • Integrated with the enterprise VMWare virtualization technology.
  • Ensures that every student’s environment is unique and identical to their peers.
  • Automated, per-student network setup.
  • Shared instructions for all students.
  • Quickly reset individual students after an unrecoverable action.

Efficient shared and external resources provisioning.

  • Choose virtual machines from a common base library.
  • Add files and install applications with drag and drop actions.
  • Instantly apply changes, patches or updates to virtual machines during environment provisioning.
  • Mark resources as shared while maintaining isolated environments.
  • Enable external resources: Internet, ICS & SCADA systems or bank of shared IoT devices.

Dynamic environments.

  • Add unpredictability to your exercises using pre-canned actions that can be triggered by time or in response to a student actions.
  • Choose from our library of pre-canned actions or add your own.

Packages Flexible deployment options
designed for your needs.

Cyber Range was designed to deliver intelligence-grade cyber security training while giving you total flexibility on how or where you use it.

Deploy on your hardware.

Run Cyber Range in a fully offline environment to provision complex and scalable environments locally or via VPN. Cyber Range’s virtualized and HTML5 environment supports environments across large geographic distances.

Run it in the cloud.

Run Cyber Range as a turnkey, private cloud training solution on an ‘as needed’ basis with all of the functionality of our on-premises option. As always, security is top-of-mind at Field Effect, so we work to enhance your security posture with our systems.

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