15.03.2021 Field Effect named a “2021 Best Places to Work” by Business Intelligence Group

by Field Effect

Cyber security innovator receives top workplace honour.

We started Field Effect in 2016 with a focus on protecting businesses of all sizes from cyber threats — and creating a work environment where our team can excel.

That’s why this week’s news is very special for us — we were just named one of the 2021 Best Places to Work by The Business Intelligence Group (BIG)! The award, focused on recognizing true talent and superior performance in the business world, identifies companies that are actively working to improve their own performance through efforts to challenge employees in environments that make work fun and engaging, as well as helping accelerate careers, knowledge, and performance.

This award is fairly unique as employees influence the results and business executives also judge and evaluate the finalists. BIG’s proprietary and unique scoring system selectively measures performance across multiple business domains and then rewards companies whose achievements stand above those of their peers.

The best part? Honest feedback from our Field Effect team played a major role in the outcome — employees responded to a survey and had a chance to share their thoughts about our culture, professional growth opportunities, compensation, and more, rating their overall satisfaction.

Field Effect team members share their feedback

After nearly tripling the size of our team last year, we’re on the same fast track to repeat this in 2021.

Culture, values, and teamwork are of utmost important when it comes to achieving our goals. The goal list includes providing responsive support for our customers and partners, developing the best cyber security product and services, and continuing to attract top talent through an amazing work environment.

That’s why we take recruitment very seriously, ensuring candidates have the opportunity to understand our mission, values, and approach to cyber security — and taking the time to get to know what drives them personally and professionally so we can create a happy and productive workplace.

For the BIG award, our team’s survey responses remain anonymous and private. But that didn’t stop us from asking a few new employees, who didn’t take part in the survey, to share their thoughts about joining Field Effect.

Take a look!

Cameron Evans

Date joined Field Effect: November 30, 2020

Role at Field Effect: UI Developer

Q: What sets Field Effect apart from other tech and cyber security companies?

Field Effect goes out of its way to make employees know they are appreciated and the work they do is special.

Working alongside brilliant developers and infosec veterans gives you confidence that you’re working on truly innovative products.

Q: Why is it a unique place to work?

At Field Effect, you get to work with truly wonderful people. I was also happy to join the company at a really exciting time. Having lots of new stuff to build means lots of fun challenges to tackle.

Nick Larcher

Date joined Field Effect:November 16, 2020 

Role at Field Effect:Junior Cyber Security Analyst 

Q:What sets Field Effect apart from other tech and cyber security companies 

In my short time here, it is clear to me that everyone at Field Effect is driven and passionate when it comes to providing a security service for our clients. Every person Ive met so far has been an absolute blast to work with. There is no elitism. Everyone is extremely nice and thats not always easy to find in busy tech workplaces.  

Q: Why is it a unique place to work?  

Working on bleeding-edge technology is very rewarding and satisfying work. It’s the kind of situation you see on TV or in movies!  

I really enjoy the weekly social meetings (where the whole company gets together on a virtual call). It’s a good way to get to know everyone and what they do, their ideas, and plans. I feel very lucky to be part of Field Effect and plan on building a great career with my team. 

Jon Hughson

Date joined Field Effect: December 11, 2020.

Role at Field Effect: Cyber Concierge Lead

Q: What sets Field Effect apart from other tech and cyber security companies?

The talent density at Field Effect is amazing. For a small company, we have world-class technology skills that were put to use to create our products and services, and have supported them with skilled leaders and employees in all aspects of the organization.

Q: Why is it a unique place to work?

As a relatively small, but expanding company, many of my colleagues are new to the team. They bring positive energy and many different perspectives, and there is a real sense of camaraderie as we work together to meet the company goals.

Ted Raymond

Date joined Field Effect: December 7, 2020

Role at Field Effect: Sales Engineer

Q: What sets Field Effect apart from other tech and cyber security companies?

The caliber of people working here is fascinating.  Bringing together experts in every domain of cyber security and business is what this team has been able to accomplish. The reason I joined:  We are bringing intelligence grade cyber security to small and mid-size businesses!  It feels good, almost like doing a good deed.

Q: Why is it a unique place to work?

Since I started last month, we have grown as a team by 8%!  (233% since last March), … AND it feels like home!  Who else has a company social every Friday afternoon that last for hours past closing time?  AND we have the best espresso machine I have ever had the privilege to use.

Mei-Chun Leung

Date joined Field Effect: December 14, 2020

Role at Field Effect: Senior Software Developer

Q: What sets Field Effect apart from other tech and cyber security companies?

  • Dynamic – People coming from different backgrounds, experience, and knowledge to ensure our products fit business requirements/needs.
  • Energetic – Lots of young, yet experienced people to work with. Someone you can learn from each and every day.
  • Stable – We have strong and profitable products and that gives confidence to existing and potential clients that we will be here for a long time.

Q: Why is it a unique place to work?

Field Effect is a transparent company. Activities like our weekly Field Effect University (FESu) and social Friday really make employees part of the company, not just people behind a computer working on deadlines.  Team members help each other and have fun, making the work environment a place to grow technically and comfortably.

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