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March 8, 2023 |

Field Effect celebrates International Women's Day

March 8, 2023 is International Women's Day, an important day dedicated to celebrating the powerful impact that women make in our lives.

To celebrate this day and the many smart and hardworking women that have helped Field Effect become the company it is today, we wanted to know: What is the single greatest piece of advice you've received, in life or in work?

Their responses were so inspiring, we felt we should share. Here's some of what we heard.


Monique Bardawil


Empathy is key in life and in the workplace.


Shea Cole


I grew up in Massachusetts in a very rural community. My mom was such an incredible role model. She is a career woman and impressed on me that while we love where we live, you need to experience the world. She told me:

Forge your own path, and never depend on others for your success. 

That has been the most important advice I've ever received.


Elizabeth MacDougall


Greatest piece of advice ever received? It’s difficult to narrow it done to one soundbite, but one piece of advice that has carried me through a good portion of my career is this:

Speak up, offer your voice to the conversation. Problems don’t get fixed because we stay silent and suffer through them. Raise your hand and make your thoughts heard.

I was also shy, early in my career, and needed that push. But it’s true. You generally don’t win any prizes for weathering the storm, but you’ll be remembered if you helped build the ship.


Rebecca Lockhart


I can't remember where I heard this one, but it's definitely one of my favorites!

Be your own knight in shining armor. Be the heroine of your life, not the victim.


Cailen McDougall


The best piece of advice was one I got from a mentor 20+ years ago. I have had two vastly different career paths and this advice has served me well in both.

Everyone makes mistakes, it's how we learn. Therefore, take ownership for your errors and move on.


Leslie Norkum


This is a great question. I think we all have received a lot of advice over the years, some of which we take with us and some of which we ignore. This is the one that has always stuck with me.

You learn a lot more from listening than from being the loudest voice in the room.


Alyssa Parenteau


That’s a hard question, but this one has served me well the last couple of years.

If you disagree with someone, it is more important to understand their point of view than it is to be 'right'.


Melissa Quinones


My favorite piece of advice I received is also a Maya Angelou quote.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.


Continuously celebrating the many successes of women

International Women's Day is a reminder to recognize the many accomplishments of women around the world, but we can't forget to recognize their many accomplishments every other day of the year.

Happy International Women's Day.