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November 24, 2022 |

What to expect from a career at Field Effect

By Stefanie McNeil

With contributions from Ben Filipkowski.

Last updated: May 12, 2023

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There is a universal desire to find fulfilling work. When you find a job that gives you that sense of purpose, it becomes a career.

For some, this means pursuing a challenge, owning projects, growing into a leadership role, and contributing to a great legacy while reaping the rewards along the way. For others, it means developing relationships with people that make winning fun for everyone involved, all the while forming friendships that last a lifetime. Perhaps the goal is to thrive in a company that is above the fray, making moves that keep them fresh and ahead of the competition, achieving things previously thought impossible.

Promises are a dime a dozen, but some companies out there provide all of this and more. Field Effect is one of them.

Field Effect team members cheer at a game at TD Place Stadium.

Stand out instead of fitting in

At Field Effect, you’ll work with a collective of sharp, creative, and passionate people committed to protecting organizations everywhere from cyber criminals. Cyber security is one of the most important challenges of the century, and as part of a highly trained team of experts, you’ll help keep vulnerable businesses safe from a threat they don’t know how to address.

You’ll collaborate with your colleagues to tackle these challenges and make a positive, tangible impact on the world—and celebrate the wins together as you look ahead to the next challenge.

You won’t be forced to fit into a mold at Field Effect. Our team is diverse and multi-faceted, the result of unique backgrounds, skills, and perspectives mingling under one roof. Put simply, we want you to be yourself when you join our team.

If this sounds like you, then we want to hear from you. Here are three key things we look for in candidates who apply to Field Effect:

1. You're a team player

Your ability to collaborate and contribute effectively to projects on an agile team is just as important as your ability to listen and learn. Simultaneously, you possess the confidence to excel in independent work. While there are plenty of opportunities for growth, Field Effect employees also need to share experiences to educate others.

"[Candidates] should really enjoy collaborating with others while also having the confidence to work autonomously. They should be curious, dedicated, and open-minded to learning new things when it comes to problem-solving.” - Chris Champion, Project Manager

2. You combine creativity with cyber security with creativity

You don’t need to be ex-CSIS or CIA to work at Field Effect, nor do you need a laundry list of technical qualifications. While we’re always on the lookout for experienced cyber experts, we want your unique talents and expertise—we want to see what you bring to the table.

Some of the best solutions to challenges in the cybersecurity world come from thinking outside the box and looking at problems with a fresh set of eyes. Your perspective is important: how you approach challenges and work with your teammates to solve problems may lead to breakthroughs that change how the entire company—and even the industry—does things.

Put simply, your skills and passion are a big part of what makes you you, and why we want you on our team.

“Solving cyber security problems can be complex, but that doesn’t prevent us from creating simple and elegant solutions. It comes down to having an incredibly hard-working group of people who truly act as a team—if you’re a team player, this is the team for you.” - Richard Dallin O’Grady, Head of Client Portals

3. You're brilliant and think on your feet

Field Effect exists to protect small and medium-sized businesses from cyber-attacks, defending them with a resilient and easy-to-understand network security solution. For us, the mission is paramount, and passion for it is critical for success. Daily objectives can change on the fly, so your ability to communicate and adapt effectively are important.

“You need to have the flexibility and overall ability to contribute wherever and whenever you are needed while adjusting the client requirements. Passion, curiosity, and drive are necessary to deliver high-quality solutions to the people we serve.” - Monique Bardawil, Head of Strategic and Response Services

Here’s what you should know about us...

Protecting vulnerable businesses is no easy feat. It requires brains, talent, and top-notch technological tools. But more important than either of those things is the team. Working with a great team makes the unachievable achievable—not to mention fun.

Here’s what you need to know about us:

We make winning fun.

Our success is electric. Every time we achieve a new goal, the entire team feels it. To us, winning is more than signing on new business—it means celebrating client satisfaction, growing a bit bigger, crediting all the great people who made it happen, and moving forward together to another obstacle to overcome.

We thrive on protecting businesses from cyber criminals.

The greatest thing about Field Effect is our roster of talent. We work with some of the greatest minds in cyber security, which doesn’t just benefit us, but the future game-changers who want to dive into cyber security, too. We are welcoming and supportive. Whether you’re an industry veteran or completely new to the trade—if we’ve picked you, you’re one of us.

We exist to push cyber security to new frontiers.

We don’t live in silos. We are an agile team that executes on new problems every day, always growing, learning new skills, and getting our signature on cutting-edge solutions. We don't set 30-minute meetings to talk to our boss a week from now when there is something blocking our success.

Our teams work knowing that their ideas are embraced and that they will always be provided with whatever tech or support is needed to move forward. We pride ourselves on making significant changes for our clients by building out the future of cyber security today, so that they work in a safer world tomorrow.

“This is the strongest group of people that I have ever worked with. Everyone is passionate about cyber security, and you get to directly see the difference we are making helping organizations in need.” - Colin Belcourt, Director of Operational Development and Delivery

Electric growth, endless possibilities

If you are passionate about cybersecurity and interested in taking the next big leap of your career, visit Field Effect’s careers page for the latest job opportunities. Let’s uncover the future of cyber security together!