Field Effect’s experience has taught us that every organization is different – different workflows, different personnel and different threats.

SolutionsWe’ve got your back.

Continuous Cyber Security is not just a tool you deploy.  It is the integration and improvement of your people, processes and technology. Our solutions focus on helping you train your staff, improve the technology you use, as well as monitor, identify and respond to ever-changing cyber threats.

Managed Cyber Security

Access best-in-class technology and cyber security analysts with a turnkey solution.

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Secure IT Operations

Improve your network health and hygiene, understand its behaviour: improve your security and strengthen business operations.

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Incident Response Services

Suspect a cyber attack? Our forensics team will quickly conduct a thorough investigation, root cause analysis, and remediation.

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Simulation & Training Environments

Quickly and reliably design, build and tear down even the most complex environments inside our powerful simulation platform.

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Software & System Testing

Use Noble to improve your company’s testing automation and save time and money.

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Virtual CISO Service

Put decades of cyber security experience to work for your business and build a strong, resilient security foundation with ‘always-on’ CISO support.

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