Software & System Testing

Field Effect is a company that values testing – and we practice what we preach. Use Noble to improve your company’s testing automation and save time and money.

OverviewSoftware and System Testing

“Clean Code that Works.” – Ron Jeffries

Noble is a product of the DevOps culture which shortens the software development cycle through automation and monitoring at every phase of the process. DevOps is inspired by the writings of Kent Beck – a key influence of the Agile movement whose work includes eXtreme Programming and Test Driven Development. DevOps requires powerful tools and rigorous testing habits to be effective, and Noble is a key enabler for software modeling, testing and automation.


No matter which development philosophy you follow, testing forms a central part of the process. Software development involves repetition which can lead to bugs, and test automation is key to improving software quality.  Improve your development team performance with state of the art testing tools.


Good testing is complex.  From unit, integration and cross-platform acceptance testing Noble helps automate all your testing processes and decreases time to deployment.  Increase your confidence in your process and move closer to your continuous deployment goals with Noble.


Your tools should not define the limits of your creativity. To create is “to cause to come into being something unique that would not naturally evolve.” Writing code is a creative process and coders want to create. Test automation is a key enabler to the creative process which ultimately distinguishes you from your competitors.