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“Cybersecurity touches every part of an organization, and misconceptions around cybersecurity can put your company at risk” –  Andrew Loschmann. President & Chief Technology Officer, Field Effect Software

Say goodbye to false positives and alert fatigue.

New studies are tracking the increasing hours that cyber security pros spend researching and responding to security alerts. Hint: false positives make up a big %. Read about how Field Effect Covalence provides purpose-built monitoring and alerting that provides detailed yet easy to understand analysis that saves time and results in fast action

Is your network safe from password spraying?

As cyber criminals become more skilled at cracking passwords and gaining access to networks, password security continues to be top of mind for global IT professionals.

Are Your Video Conferencing Sessions Secure?

Zoom: The anatomy of vulnerability detection and response – Zoom’s recent vulnerabilities enabled potential attackers an easy way to gain access to users’ computers by remotely taking over their computer webcams and initiating video-enabled calls on devices without user consent.

The Threat Surface

The cyber security threats facing your business today are constantly changing, along with your network as new software, hardware, and user activity are introduced. All of these factors present an ideal scenario for a cyber attack. Understanding your threat surface – the set of all parts of your network where vulnerabilities and threats could lead to access by unauthorized users – is a critical step to improving your network security posture.

CIRA teams up with Field Effect Software to protect Canadian businesses

Ottawa – June 5th, 2019 – Today, CIRA is proud to take another step in protecting Canadian small and medium-sized business from cyber threats with the announcement of the first API integration as part of its D-Zone Partner Program. Field Effect Software will be integrating D-Zone DNS Firewall into its Covalence threat detection, incident monitoring, and analysis solution to provide an extra layer of defense for its customers.