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What is digital forensics and incident response (DFIR)?

How do you prove that a cyber criminal attacked your business and address the resulting impact? You use digital forensics and incident response. Contents What is digital forensics and incident response? Why is DFIR important? Why is digital evidence important? What skills are used in DFIR? Getting started with DFIR Digital forensics and incident response […]

Social Engineering: Attacks, Techniques, and Countermeasures

Securing your business starts with understanding your cyber risks. For most organizations, humans are the biggest risk of all — and social engineering is one way that cyber criminals exploit that reality. Discover what social engineering is, how and why these attacks work, and steps you can take right now to strengthen your defence against […]

What the Log4j vulnerabilities mean for you

What the Log4j vulnerabilities mean for you Log4j vulnerabilities are impacting businesses everywhere—here’s what you need to know On December 6, 2021, the Apache Software Foundation released an urgent update for a Log4j library to address a maximum severity vulnerability. This vulnerability, referred to as LogShell or LogJam, has wide-reaching implications for businesses of all […]

5 SMB cyber security trends to watch in 2022

Cyber security needs for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) have never been more demanding. Threat actors continue to escalate their targets and increase their level of attack sophistication against them. Unfortunately, the economics of cybercrime have advanced to a point where SMBs are profitable, relatively easy targets that face an overwhelming number of cyber threats. […]

Are retailers ready for the most vulnerable time of the year?

‘Tis the season for online shopping — and defending against cyber threats The Christmas holidays are almost here, bringing good cheer, gift-giving, a spirit of kindness — and more cyber attackers targeting businesses of all sizes. The lead-up to Christmas is a major event for retailers and consumers everywhere — and with the holiday shopping […]