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Emerging cyber threats: The big risks to five key industries

In a recent global study, 47% of CEOs expressed concern about cyber security — making it the second largest threat to businesses after pandemics. Executives in North America and Western Europe specifically ranked cyber security as their top worry.  And while it’s becoming clear that attackers don’t discriminate — targeting virtually all organizations — cyber […]

Five tips to prevent CISO burnout

Today’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is often tasked with an extensive list of strategic and high-priority IT and security responsibilities. CISOs may need to establish a cyber security framework, lead an infosec team, manage the technology stack, oversee compliance, ensure security aligns with business objectives, and so much more.   And while stress is common […]

The rising cost of cyber security expertise

Closing the cyber skills gap without breaking the bank. Cyber attacks show no signs of slowing down, and yet jobs for cyber security professionals are left unfilled — why? The short answer is that in-house cyber security expertise can be costly — but the long answer takes a bit more unpacking. Making sure your company […]

Field Effect and Harris partner to protect customers worldwide from cyber threats

Today, we are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Harris, an international vertical market software provider, to deliver best-in-class security solutions to their customers worldwide. This partnership is part of Harris’ ongoing commitment to security. Not only will this enhance the security of their own applications, but it will also make it easy for their customers to secure their organizations.   “This partnership is a great […]

How to optimize your cyber security stack 

Building and managing a cyber security stack can quickly snowball into an overwhelming task.  And there are two main reasons why.  First, too many security vendors prey on busy CISOs and IT teams, overhyping their product by falsely claiming it’s the “next big thing.” We talk a lot about these predatory sales techniques and how unethical […]