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The top cyber threats facing financial services firms 

Cyber threat actors are 300x as likely to target financial services firms than businesses in any other industry, and it’s no wonder why.   This sector — which includes accounting, investment, insurance, and consulting firms — works almost exclusively with funds, personal credentials, and other sensitive data. All of this has tremendous value as the […]

7 ways to boost your law firm’s cyber security

Law firms continue to be major targets for cyber criminals, and for good reason: the wealth of client information managed, not to mention valuable intellectual property (IP) and other confidential or proprietary data, are all extremely appealing prizes.   In 2020 alone, the American Bar Association found that 29% of surveyed firms experienced some form of […]

Why legal firms should prioritize cyber security this year

2020 was a major wake-up call for legal firms that haven’t yet prioritized cyber security. At least hundreds of law practices were compromised last year alone, with threat actors freezing access to critical case files, exposing privileged client data, and demanding millions in ransom.  It has become clear that all law firms are at risk […]

The five cyber range training mistakes to avoid at all costs

Investing in a virtual training solution can elevate your team’s skills and preparedness, but there are several common cyber range training mistakes that can hinder your team’s progress and even increase your security risk.   While it’s important to choose the right cyber security training content and follow best practices, it’s equally important to recognize and […]

Four cyber security threats that law firms should know 

Law firms are a lucrative target for all types of cyber crime — and it’s no wonder why. From personally identifiable information (PII) and intellectual property (IP) to business transactions, the legal industry processes unmatched volumes of valuable, confidential data.  Unfortunately, the cyber security at most law firms isn’t cutting it. Research from the American […]