23.01.2020 Don’t have the time or resources to deal with cyber security? 

by Field Effect

Block malicious websites, secure your network, and stay ahead of the next threat . . . in just a few easy steps

When it comes to cyber attacks, small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) can’t afford to be vulnerable. Yet as employees work remotely, rely on cloud services, and access company networks from multiple devices and locations, there are more attackable points and internet security risks than ever before.

In fact, in its 2019 CIRA Cybersecurity Survey, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) revealed that 71% of Canadian businesses and organizations experienced at least one cyber attack last year that resulted in impacts on time and resources, out of pocket expenses, or paying ransoms. Other research also underscores the risks for Canadian SMEs, noting malware attacks in Canada increased by 103% in 2018. And global data this year shows a staggering one in ten URLs are malicious.

The reality is that while SMEs understand that good network health and hygiene are critical in building strong networks, most small businesses simply don’t have the resources or time, or understand exactly where to start when it comes to securing their operations — and that makes protecting networks from web and email threats the challenge of the day.

Improving your web protection just got easier: Field Effect + CIRA

Last year, we partnered with CIRA — an organization dedicated to a safer internet for Canadian businesses and a leader in DNS (Domain Name System) operations, to help SMEs reduce cyber security complexity and build stronger, more resilient networks.

As we shared in a previous blog, DNS is essential to the operation of the internet, and robust, secure DNS servers are just as critical for your business. When users browse websites, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) will use DNS resolvers on its DNS servers to ‘resolve,’ or identify the IP address of a website and allow browsing. Blocking malicious web content at the DNS layer is critical — DNS security, such as a DNS firewall, ensures these requests and queries are always encrypted and secure. 

A DNS firewall is a type of malware and phishing filter that sits between your network and the internet and blocks users and botnets from accessing malicious content — it’s also one of the easiest steps you can take to start improving your cyber security.

While DNS firewalls provide a strong defense, unfortunately cyber criminals are also finding ways around them.

The good news is we have solved for this, simply and easily.  

D-Zone DNS Firewall + Covalence = Secure Networks

Through our partnership with CIRA, we have integrated the capabilities of CIRA’s D-Zone DNS Firewall into our Covalence threat monitoring and detection platform — along with our  alerts, actions, and recommendations AROS).

The result is maximum value and simplicity for SMEs — it is also incredibly easy to get started and use, and integrates with any other existing layers of security you may have in place.  You only need one portal and dashboard.

Here is a quick look at what we are offering:

  • Active protection and a layer of control over internet use within your organization through CIRA’s DNS firewall
  • Active, practical, and continual monitoring of your entire network through Field Effect Covalence 
  • A single, simplified set of security alerts for all dimensions of security monitoring, including DNS firewall events, through Field Effect Covalence and its ARO capabilities

Simple and effective cyber security made even easier

Covalence + CIRA’s DNS Firewall not only makes it easy to spot threats trying to evade your web protection measures — you gain protection and control for your organization’s internet use and sophisticated threat monitoring and detection across your network, and more — all in one easy and effective solution.

Here are a few features and benefits:

  • Simple, effective solution
  • Set up in just a few minutes without guesswork — as simple as checking a box in your Covalence portal.  We pre-configure the DNS firewall with our recommended settings, blocking the categories and sites most likely to affect the security of your network.  
  • Gain network, endpoint, and DNS threat detection fit together under one service, Covalence.
  • Better threat detection and blocking
    • Ensure advanced protection against malicious websites through the D-Zone DNS firewall, powered by CIRA’s extensive Canadian DNS footprint and enhanced by a global DNS threat feed which blocks 1 million new domains every month.
    • Gain built-in 24/7 monitoring and detection capabilities to prevent DNS firewall evasion.
    • Customize your DNS firewall blocking, as well as your blacklists, to defend against phishing and other threats that Covalence detects on your network.


Email, web, and network protection

    • Bridge email security with web and network protection by blocking potentially malicious domains contained within emails targeting your network  
    • Submit any suspicious email for automated analysis to identify whether a message is a threat and extract key details like domain names and URLs, which can be applied to your network, endpoint, and cloud monitoring to continually improve protection

Less work

  • Reduce your administrative burden with all of these critical and consolidated, security services in one solution. 
    • Keep your network IP address automatically updated, as this changes from time to time, through Covalence capabilities to ensure your DNS firewall always knows the current IP address.  And, if your network DNS firewall stops working for any reason, we will let you know.

Ready to take the easy, next step toward better cyber security? Contact [email protected] today to get started.



2019 CIRA Cybersecurity Survey

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