29.11.2021 Looking to make your next cyber security career move? See why these tech, cyber, and sales pros chose Field Effect

by Stefanie McNeil

At Field Effect, we take cyber security very seriously. We also have a lot of fun.

Were on a mission to simplify and improve security for businesses and organizations of all types and sizes — and thats not something just any team can tackle.

In just the past year, weve experienced amazing growth and milestones — all the while managing COVID-19 mandates and keeping our attention on the success and safety of our team members, customers, and partners.

Looking back on what weve accomplished since we opened our Ottawa doors in 2016 — fighting cyber criminals and transforming the security of IT networks all over the world — makes us proud.

We have more than doubled our team since 2020, working and collaborating across Canada, U.K., U.S., and Australia. Our product lines have evolved, including advancements to our flagship Covalence threat monitoring and detection solution, as well as our Field Effect Cyber Range training platform. Weve also strengthened our incident response and cyber concierge services. And always with a 24/7 focus on improving our threat intelligence capabilities and fine-tuning our Actions, Recommendations, and Alerts (AROs) process.

Earlier in the year, we expanded our Ottawa headquarters, nearly tripling our current space. At the same time, we opened an office in central London, U.K. When mandates fully lift, these workspaces will open the door for even more team members and collaboration.

And did we mention our Partner Program? Organizations, including CIRA, TELUS, and HostedBizz, partnered with us to maximize cyber security for their small and medium business clients — and there is more in store.

But dont just take our word for it, here are thoughts from a few team members about their cyber security careers at Field Effect.

Working in cyber security Iona

Iona Buchanan

Role at Field Effect: Data Scientist

Date joined Field Effect: July 2019

Years in IT/Tech/Cyber: Two years, including government cyber in 2017

Q: What has surprised you the most about the threat intelligence approach and technology focus at Field Effect?

A: I am always amazed at how much of our tech is in-house. New ideas and requirements are always addressed and when the question of can we make this?” comes up, the answer is almost always yes. I’ve learned so much since I’ve been here at Field Effect.

Q:Has there been a point in your role at Field Effect where you thought this is where I belong?

A: Being in the office with everyone, hearing positive feedback and encouragement from others and deploying code that makes a difference are instances in which I feel like I belong. Despite having to work from home due to the pandemic, our collaboration and hard work has not slowed, and energy is still high!


Working in cyber security Earl
Earl Fischl

Role at Field Effect: Head of Data Analytics

Date joined Field Effect: March 2017 

Years in IT/Tech/Cyber: 20

Q:What is most impressive/unique about the threat intelligence approach and technology focus at Field Effect?

A: Im most impressed about our ability to develop our technology quickly, but always with a focus on being super responsive to the needs of users.

We have the benefit of a highly-skilled team across many domains and backgrounds, who work extremely well together, even as we’re growing. We’ve brought together a really dynamic and highly capable group of peoplethat allows us to tackle thingsfrom many angles quickly, guided by our central focus on cyber security and our long histories in the field. That mix of people, which I continue to be impressed by, enables us to achieve everything we’re doing now and planning for in the future, in terms of technology.

Q: Whats been your favorite work-related memory so far?

A:My favorite work memory is tough to pin down, there are too many. On the tech side, seeing our first Active Response actions successfully tested this year on remote systems will always stick out as a moment we’ll look back on and smile about.

Welcoming our first new analyst on day one, knowing whats in store for him going forward, is another great memory.

My favorite memory is probably still my first day. It was a big change and a risk, but it was also super exciting and I remember joining the morning meeting and being introduced and kind of feeling like I’d been there all along, it was great and I knew I was in the right place.


Working in cyber Rebecca
Rebecca Lockhart

Role at Field Effect: Senior Account Lead for Field Effect partner TELUS

Date joined Field Effect: April 2020

Years in IT/Tech/Cyber: 10 years in IT; seven months at Field Effect

Q: We talk a lot about the culture at Field Effect. Is it really that great?

A:Its better than great!

I can honestly say that this is the absolute best company I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Everyone here is not only incredibly smart and hardworking, but the sense ofcamaraderiefar surpasses anything I’ve experienced. We are always looking for ways to collaborate and help one another — the synergy we all have is really special.

But most importantly — the leadership at Field Effect is the strongest I’ve ever experienced. We are headed on a really exciting trajectory because this team of strong leaders knows what they are doing, and they know how to empower and inspire their teams so that we all have a common goal and a vision of how we will get there. Plus… there are crazy fun perks… a fine dining experience delivered to every employee at their home in April during quarantine and virtual team wine tasting (just to name a few).

This is a company thattrulycares about their employees like they are family.


Matt Davidson

Role at Field Effect: User Experience Designer

Date joined Field Effect: April 2020

Years in IT/Tech/Cyber: 13 years

Q: What is one thing we do at Field Effect that you think every company should adopt?

A: Niche education. Not everyone at Field Effect is a cyber security expert. We also know marketing, user experience, software development, and more.

Yet, the company takes the time to teach us about privacy and cyber security, from nitty gritty technical details to major international incidents and how they happened. This really shapes our understanding of our users and clients, and helps us empathize with them to create better solutions.


Leigh Anderson

Role at Field Effect: Quality Engineer

Date joined Field Effect: September 2019

Years in IT/Tech/Cyber: 20 years in IT, one year directly involved in cyber security

Q: What sets Field Effect apart in the competitive cyber security market?

A: Adaptability — the speed at which we are able to modify our platform based on new risks and requested features.

Availability — 24/7 support. We are there when clients need us most or are most vulnerable.

Knowledge — the experience and expertise of the individuals who created our products and the cyber analysts who provide our client support.

Flexibility — the ability to support businesses of all sizes, in every vertical market.

Cyber security — the attention to the highest standards of cyber security in everything we do.

Q: What are the most surprising things youve learned about cyber security since you joined Field Effect?

A: There are many things that surprised me about cyber security:

  • The amount and method of attempted attacks that take place daily.
  • What makes up an individuals or companys threat surface.
  • How vulnerable most people and small businesses actually are.
  • Finally, how well-positioned Field Effect is to help businesses put proactive, vs reactive, security strategies in place.


Andrew Loschmann

Role at Field Effect: Chief Operating Officer

Date joined Field Effect: From the beginning

Years in IT/Tech/Cyber: 20+, including 13 years in cyber government and defense

Q:  What advice can you give someone considering joining the Field Effect team?

A: Work is such a big part of your day. Why not spend it with smart and experienced people who love what they do, and are in it together with you?

Field Effect has ambitious plans that wont be realized without everyone delivering their best – which, yes, can sometimes mean rolling up your sleeves and working through hard problems (maybe lots of them!).

At the same time, this also means there is huge opportunity for personal and professional growth, including helping to shape the company and making your mark in our industry.

We care deeply about our customers; we look at the cyber security industry in a unique way and have a lot of intelligent and funny people in the company.I think thats a recipe for a great work environment that challenges you in the right ways, offers rewarding projects, and where you can be confident your contributions are valued.

These things sound simple but can be hard to find  and are important to Field Effect.


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